C3 Systems: How and What The Cow?!

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12/02/03 01:18 PM

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Okay, another question from the n00b: can anyone please tell me exactly what a C3 network does, and how it works? A friend of mine has been using these networks against me with devastating consequences, prompting me to question the meager information we have on their usage. Anybody care to help me out on this one?
Evolve or Die
12/02/03 03:35 PM

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The C3 system allows a group of mechs (or vehicles) to coordinate firepower. It requires a C3 Master Computer which can be linked to 3 C3 slave computers allowing a full lance be to joined. In the game this means that an mech linked into the C3 network can use another mechs range as its own. For example, a Warhammer wants to shoot a medium laser at an Atlas that is 8 hexes away . With this being in the long range category for a medium laser a +4 modifier is added to the roll. If however, a friendly mech also in the C3 network was at 5 hexes, the Warhammer could use that range instead and only have to add in the medium range modifier of +2 . This can be done for any weapon as long as the attacker and target are within the maximum range of the weapon being fired. I hope this helps out and doesn't confuse you any further.

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12/02/03 03:38 PM

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C3 systems are basically a communicating network of battle computers developed by the Draconis Combine. To link mechs to a C3 system you need a C3 Computer and all the other linked mechs need a C3 slave. Up to four mechs can be linked with 1 computer, by using multiple computers you can link up to about a company of mechs.

C3 is dramatically effective when used with combined fire tactics, making it devestating versus the clans (whom depending on clan may or may not still refuse to drag the conflict into a melee).

C3 systems are expensive and for the most part rare outside of the Combine, except in the few mercenary units to quickly adopt it (such as the Kell Hounds).
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12/02/03 03:43 PM

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Thanks to both of you, that helped a lot.

I play Clan, my buddy merc - he's been using C3 to kick my ass from here to Cairo quite regularly. That is, until I found out about Angel ECM... Now, just have to face off against him next time...
Evolve or Die
12/07/03 03:00 PM

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Sonix? You´re playing Lvl. 3 or what?
Even normal ECM blocks the the C3. Or am I wrong?
Anyway, kick his ass.

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05/28/05 12:15 AM

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lol, normal C3, or the C3i? i never really liked the origanal C3 much
why? becuase. jesus told me to. and you wanna know something else that jesus told me? he said that everytime it rains, it's becuase god is crying over something u did. because god hates you.
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05/29/05 05:38 PM

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C3 (DCMS) has two advantage over C3i, with the possible double size of the network (more than double effective!) and less total weight. C3i has the advantage of a distributed network vs the server-slave of C3 (DCMS).
The advantage of C3i over C3 is not as large as one thinks, but playing CapCon, using stealth nullifies the advantage nearly always (everything has stealth) so I'm not that experienced coutering C3 without ECM.

When playing against an opponent in love with C3 I regulary used a nightshade in support (before c3i and stealth), park it near the master unit behind a hill or some woods, and no problem from that part of his strategy. With him using C3i I started using stealth...
Rather to blow up, then.
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