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06/23/05 08:07 PM

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Can someone please advise if there are any rules regarding the scavenging of Mech after a battle. I have 'BattleTech Compendium' cira 1990, but it only tells you that it can be done. Is there any definative rules which state that a Mech's armour can be removed if it collapses due to central torso destruction, etc.

I am about to start a major campaign, where the players will be playing a mercenary unit, and I would like to allow them to salvage parts from Mech's they down.

06/25/05 02:57 AM

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okay, I'll give a run-down of the salvage rules as I know them (no rule book handy):

- any item not detroyed (you must deal all damage to the mech if you are including salvage rules) can be salvaged as you would think.

- any damaged item, depending on the level of play as in level 3 items like Large taking a crit you roll on a separate table for what actually happens to the weapon instead of out of the game, treat as you normally would.

- any destroyed item roll 2d6, on a 10+ you CAN salvage the item (level 2 or 3 rule so it is a legal one). It will retain all critical damage until you can fix it. You cannot recover armour that has been destroyed though (consumable).

You should really either get the newest rulebook or MaxTech for the repair tables etc as it did change from the earlier books. Either that or find it online, which something like that should.

(PS I did find a site but you either need to translate it with babbelfish or similar or understand spanish: ).

Anyone else have access to the table?

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06/25/05 11:52 AM

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Can't attach an Excel file, so I posted the Master Repair Table here.

Some general things about repairs:

If a limb/torso is blown off, it can be replaced. Replacements must be from the same tonnage mech, with same internal structure and myomer.

If a hip or shoulder actuator cannot be repaired, the entire limb must be replaced.

Heads or limbs "blown off" can be reattached with no more damage then what they had when blown off.

The center torso of a mech cannot be replaced; if all CT internal is damaged, the mech cannot be repaired. For vehicles, only turrets and rotors can be replaced; if all internal in a location is destroyed, the vehicle cannot be repaired.

Mechs are only "truly destroyed" if their CT internal structure is completely eliminated by artillery damage while in the target of an area-saturation artillery attack, or by damage from an ammo explosion. A vehicle is only "truly destroyed" if a hit location other than rotor or turret is completely eliminated by artillery damage while in the target hex of an area saturation artillery attack.

If all crits of a component have been damaged, on a 10+ the component can be repaired.

Damage to armor must be replaced. Damage to internal can be repaired, unless all internal was destroyed, then the location must be replaced.

Replacement engines must match unit tonnage and MP.

To scavenge a part, make a Technician Skill roll using the appropriate modifier listed for the part on the Master Repair Table. Scavenging the part also requires the base time shown on the table (can use Rush Job to speed this up). If the roll succeeds, the part is scavenged successfully. If the roll fails, the part was not successfully removed. Techs can't try to scavenge same part twice, further attempts must be made by a tech of a higher level. If an elite tech fails, component can't be removed without destroying it.

Repairing a component works the same way as scavenging.

To replace a component, tech spends time and makes a roll with the modifier listed, with an extra +1 if the component was scavenged.

If a partial repair is made, at least one game must pass before it can be corrected. Then a tech of a higher level can attempt to truly repair it. If an elite tech fails, or partially repairs an item, the partial repair is permanent.

To increase likelihood of a successful repair/replacement, doubling time of a repair can be done to get a -1 modifier. You can double the time multiple times, but a roll of 2 is always a failure.

Likewise, you can halve the time. Do this by lowering the tech's experience level, each level dropped will halve the time. However, the roll isn't made now, but during the next game that the unit participates in, the first time the component is used. Any later repair/replacement/scavenge rolls with a rush-jobbed item get a +1. Rush job can't be combined with extra time.

Tech Experience:
Green: 9+
Regular: 7+
Veteran: 6+
Elite: 5+

If not using specific techs (ie just a BT game) assume that each unit has its own tech of the same level. Your elite Atlas pilot has an elite tech at home.

2 techs can't work on the same repair, but they could work on the same unit at the same time. If a vehicle tech works on a mech, or vice versa, roll 3D6 and take the lowest two for their tech rolls.

Think that about sums it up, hope it helps!
07/01/05 01:59 AM

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Thanks, I have been trying to get a more up to date set of rules, but I have a very limited budget (mortgage and normal bills take up 98% of wages, so not much left for enjoyment), and no hobby shops which sell the items here.
07/01/05 02:02 AM

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Thanks for the info. Unfortunately I caanot see the page, when I click on the link I get the following Message
This file is hosted by Tripod, a Lycos®Network Site, and is not available for download. Please check out Tripod's Help system for more information about Remote Loading and our Remote Loading policy.

I will attempt to get a more up to date set of rules, but it is hard where I live, as there are no hobby shops, so I have to hope they appear on E-Bay for a decent price.
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