Just bought Heavy Metal Plus...

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02/17/06 07:02 PM

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Well, today it hit me out of nowhere that I had never gotten around to picking up Heavy Metal (actually, it was while editing an exported .txt file from The Drawing Board, plugging back in the stuff it left out). So, I typed in the site and checked out what they had going on. It's got to have been about 2 years since I last checked, and I was quite impressed with how the program has come along. So, I decided, "What the heck, why not?" and order Heavy Metal Plus. It includes the original HM Pro (Drooling), HM Vehicles (Kind of cool), and HM Lite (Kind of "meh" for me, but at the price, sure: Protomechs, Battle Armor, etc). Should probably arrive sometime next week.

Anyway, I'll let you guys know my impressions after I get it. Cosidering what I've been using, the features in this should be a major step-up, and I haven't really bought myself anything B-tech related since finding a TRO-2750 at the used-book store about a year ago.

- coldwave
02/17/06 09:16 PM

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Hehe, been using it for a while... 'Bout ready to splurge myself on HMAero, but it just takes so damn long to post out here...

You won't regret using it. Only thing it doesn't do basically is Mixed-Techbases, but they are generally rare anyway...
CEO Heretic BattleMechs.
02/20/06 09:38 PM

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Congratulations on your ownership of such a high quality product.

And welcome to the club.
-Bob (The Magnificent) Richter

Assertions made in this post are the humble opinion of Bob.
They are not necessarily statements of fact or decrees from God Himself, unless explicitly and seriously stated to be so.
Rick Raisley
02/23/06 11:21 PM

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Only thing it doesn't do basically is Mixed-Techbases, but they are generally rare anyway...

Uh, what program doesn't do mixed tech? Basically, /all/ the HeavyMetal programs do. Am I missing something?
Rick Raisley

HeavyMetal Pro, Vee and Lite Home Page:
02/24/06 05:46 AM

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hope not, since you wrote it.

What I have seen of the print results, they are amazing. And tournament-legal, what is a nice thing if there are any tourneys nearby.
Rather to blow up, then.
02/24/06 02:26 PM

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Well, after playing around in HMPro, I've got to say I LOVE this program. A little odd to get used to at first, but after I got it figured out, I started flying through it, recreating my old designs in the HMP format. GREAT stuff! About the only thing I had a real problem with was figuring out how to remove arm actuators, but after a little digging around, I figured it out.

Next up, HMVee and Light! Bwuahahhaahhha!
02/25/06 07:54 AM

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Am I missing something?

Just do what everyone else does, and chalk it up to the fact that I'm an Idiot

I was having problems with MY version, but it appears after doing all the proper upgrades, its working okay now...

Keep pumpin' em out
CEO Heretic BattleMechs.
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