Geyer;s Kummer

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05/14/07 03:36 AM

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ZOMG I POSTED !! lol..been some months since ive been inspiared to make a mech, rl got a hold of me hard. but, this came to mind a while back. Enjoy.

Geyer's Kummer

Chassis: Kitushi Shogun
Power Plant: Kagushima 400 XL
Cruising Speed: 43
Maximum Speed: 64.5
Jump Jets: none
Jump Capacity: none
Armor: New Samarkand Royal Ferro-Fibrous with CASE and CASE II
2 ER Large Lasers
4 ER Small Pulse Lasers
2 Machine Guns
2 ATM-3s
Manufacturer: Wakazashi Enterprises
Primary Factory: Luthien
Communications System: TharHes Crystal Flower RG-2
Targeting and Tracking System: TharHes Star Shark

New combat demands new technology thus the Vultures Fist was born
in the 3070's. The combine, looking back on past battlemechs for a
inspiration, settled upon this device and shape. Utalizing thier clan
allies, this build drew inspiration from both the venerable Hunchback
and the Hatchetman battlemech. Utalizing the latest in clan
developments along with Kuritan inventiveness, this mech took shape,
taking up a humanoid form, the ferro plating purpose built for this
assault mech to be humanoid, rounded and smooth; made of large
detachable sections that appear almost seamless.
Squat, rounded arms with fully operable hands and stocky, bow
legs well armored to match the angular torso make the mech look
larger then its 100 tons would indicate, a useful intimidation
factor. Each of the hands fashioned into battle talon like claws for
ripping into oppoents at close range. Rising up on ether side of its
long, angular head (with back swept fin ) are its primary long range
punchers, a set of ATM 3 tublar launchers, forward mounted on turrets
for better accuracy, giving the mech the ability to reach long ranges
compared to other missle loaded assault mechs; trading range over
volley count. Backing up the ATM racks are dual ER class large lasers
as primary energy weaponry; mouned one to each side of the torso,
facing forward under small ports that can be sealed with a flick in
bad climes.
For close ranges (6hex or less) the mech carries quad ER small
pulse lasers and machine guns, inset into tubluar docks on the arm
for anti infantry/anti power armor use. Armoring the hefty mech is
some 18 odd tons of light ferror armor, this giving it a same or
slightly superior armor factor compared to most standard IS units
commonly fielded. Against the designs build however are several
factors; the primary one being cost , at almost 30million Cbills
each, due to the complex clan equipent involved means that the
production numbers are likely to remain small. A minor overheat
problem, in the confines of the small type cockpit can prove nerve
setting for extended missions if the pilot is unwary.
Being an assault mech, it is not overly fast, while at long
ranges this is not much of a problem, at close ranges it means
multple targets may be able to overcome a single unit on the field;
to help offset its speed curve a XL type engine has been included,
partially the reason the ferro armor was chosen to help protect the
vulnerable mech fusion core.
While the weapons package is highly powerful, it is geared
towards either extream range, where the ATMs and ER lasers are best
suited, or at virtual melee range where the ROF of the pulse lasers
can be used to quickly slag oppoents, the mech lacks any real form of
dedicated medium range weapons, a flaw that could also help to
prevent it from reaching full production status.
From the comfort side, the mechs cockpit is also a minor but
obvious problem, containing little more then the typical sensor
arrays and controls and a narrow couch; there is barely room to move
around and stretch, also as the head is lengthy, narrow in shape and
slightly high set on the neck it is a more vunlerable target some
fear; which may cause more pilots to be rattled around during combat
when a head hit lands.
Despite the pros and cons of the battlemech it is a sign of the
changes to come and the changing field of warfare, a mix of both clan
hardware and inner sphere capacity, in the hands of a sikilled pilot
its reach and potential could see new heights.

Max damage at range 1 to 3 hexes is 56 using the following
(C) ER Large Laser (x2)
(C) ER Small Pulse Laser (x4)
(C) ATM-3
(C) Machine Gun (x2)
Max damage at range 4 to 6 hexes is 52 using the following
(C) ER Large Laser (x2)
(C) ER Small Pulse Laser (x4)
(C) ATM-3
Max damage at range 7 to 15 hexes is 32 using the following
(C) ER Large Laser (x2)
(C) ATM-3 (x2)
Max damage at range 16 to 25 hexes is 20 using the following
(C) ER Large Laser (x2)
Tons: 99.5 FT:.5 MH: 42 HD:40 CF:1. BV: 1721 Cost:28,858,334

4 battlemechs.

Battle History:
Live fire tests Combine/Nova cat reigon. Field tests Solaris 7.

Known Variants:

Geyer's Kummer

Technology Base: - Inner Sphere 'C' - Level 3
Equipment Mass
Internal Structure: 10
Engine: 400 XL 26.5
Walking MP: 4
Running MP: 6
Jumping MP: 0
Heat Sinks: 20(40) - (C) Double 10
Gyro: 4
Cockpit: - Small 2
Armor Factor: 307 - Light Ferro-Fibrous 18.5

Internal Armor
Structure Value
Head 3 9
Center Torso 31 47
Center Torso(rear) 15
R/L Torso 21 32
R/L Torso(rear) 10
R/L Arm 17 34
R/L Leg 21 42

Weapons and Ammo Location Critical Tonnage
(C) ER Small Pulse Laser LA 1 1.5
(C) ER Small Pulse Laser LA 1 1.5
(C) Machine Gun LA 1 0.25
(C) Machine Gun Ammo LA 2 2
(C) ATM-3 LT 2 1.5
(C) ATM-3 Ammo LT 2 2
(C) ER Large Laser LT 1 4
CASE LT 1 0.5
(C) ATM-3 RT 2 1.5
(C) ATM-3 Ammo RT 2 2
(C) ER Large Laser RT 1 4
CASE RT 1 0.5
(C) ER Small Pulse Laser RA 1 1.5
(C) ER Small Pulse Laser RA 1 1.5
(C) Machine Gun RA 1 0.25
(C) Machine Gun Ammo RA 2 2
Greetings Mechwarrior.
05/25/07 10:04 AM

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clan or IS XL?
05/25/07 04:21 PM

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It is least you didn't do what one kid did, he took Clan heat sinks, armor, XL and pulse/targ combo and mixed in a C3 system for his star of very similar mechs. Needless to say it was a short game and he lost two friends over this. The gloating was enough to make me leave so I can see why he lost friends.

Given time and plenty of paper, a philosopher can prove anything.
06/12/07 10:30 PM

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zomg lol.. forgot I posted it here.. im not sure what i set it at, I think i used clan xl for the weight factor; it was a desgin test that came to me while having a strange lucid dream, theres supposed to be a companion unit more missile heavy; but I forgot what I was going to put into it. heh. I... look at the tech as, well, tech, trying to figure out how such and such mixed might be a bit better and if that dosent work, another design is tried; this, just kinda popped into my brain.
Greetings Mechwarrior.
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