How high is IQ of a character based on his/her IQ threshold?

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11/26/08 04:24 PM

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The average IQ is 100. So how high is the IQ of someone who has an IQ threshold of 7?
11/26/08 07:18 PM

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There is no intelligence Quotient in BattleTech RPG 3rd Editon... only Intelligence Attribute

and it is Not a Threshold... but the Intelligence "Attribute Value"

Average is IQ of 100, so using the Intelligence Attribute Value of 5 as "Average" gives you 20 IQ points per Attribute Value as a very rough rule of thumb.

Int Value 1 = "Impared" = IQ of 20
Int Value 2 = "Terrible" = IQ of 40
Int Value 3 = "Poor" = IQ of 60
Int Value 4 = "Fair" = IQ of 80
Int Value 5 = "Good" = IQ of 100
Int Value 6 = "Advanced" = IQ of 120
Int Value 7 = "Remarkable" = IQ of 140
Int Value 8 = "Excellent" = IQ of 160
Int Value 9 = "Astounding" = IQ of 180
Int Value 10 = "Unbelievable" = IQ of 200

but this is just kludged together from what is on p.55 and should be in no way interpeted as anything really part of the game.
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11/29/08 03:32 PM

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Albert Einstein had an IQ estimated at about 300. Perhaps the IQs per attribute should be adjusted accordingly?
11/30/08 03:29 AM

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Albert Einstein had an IQ estimated at about 300. Perhaps the IQs per attribute should be adjusted accordingly?

Everything I've seen indicates that, while he never had an IQ test done, Einstein's IQ was estimated to be between 160 and 180.
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11/30/08 09:38 PM

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True he was smarter then average for his time but average IQ of that time was likely to be less then today.

He thought outside the square and that's how he came up with brilliance.... but not all thinking outside the square is brilliant... some is insane.... newtype for example have a lot of not so good out of the box idea's that may get him comitted some time.... possibly.
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