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01/25/07 01:58 AM

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Consdering the other thread, this is what i came up with after referancing the mechwarrior source book.

Remote Drone: Basic idea.
Traits: Pos:
Ambidextrous. 2
Combat Sense. 4
Fast Learner. 3
Night Vision. 1
Pain Resistance. 3
Poison Resistance. 1
Sixth Sense. 4

Traits: Neg.
Addiction2- Datafeed
Bad Reputation. 4
Stigma Cybernetics :Eye. 2
Stigma Cybernetics: Limbs.2
Quirk: Random Berserker. 2
Quirk: Unemotional. 1
Quirk: Large Size. 2

Jump packs/1
Security Systems/1
2x type 4 Advanced Prosthesis arms.
2x type 4 Advanced Prosthesis legs.
Bionic Eyes x2 /Infrared.
Bionic Ear x2.
Data Link.+
Dermal Armor Plating. Equiv too Abl/Flk Armor. Def. 2/5/5/3
Integrated Weapon. Pulse Laser Pistol. -D/C/D 3*2d6. 12/30/70/195.

Not long after the war and destruction seen during the 3060’s and later; along with the discovery of Protomechs the thought came forth to design machines, remotely controlled; originally intended to be reconnaissance drones, their nine foot tall humanoid figures were adept but awkward at first, being a new hybrid between powered armor and a sophisticated computer system. While each of the machines is unintelligent singly, they usually operate in stars of 5, each of the five controlled by a single, typically van sized primary battle computer that can be placed in buildings or mobile facilities for on battlefield use. The machines are well suited for night operations, as they can be equipped with jump packs as need be, the design of each was based around a mythological being much like Protomechs were; ranging from the Zeus star, with each of the five representing a different god or goddess; to the B Lot star, with each drone designed around a movie monster from ancient terran films. While they are still prototypes, several stars worth of these machines have been built and are being fielded in careful locations as alternatives to expensive Battlemechs and infantry. Due to the construction, each has a operational timeframe of around 4 days before the fusion power cell must be replaced, also if the data feed from the primary computer is ever shut off or interrupted, the machine totally shuts down until the signal is resumed in some manner.. Fog rain and heavy terrain a factor in signal strength. Some state their programmed skills while analogous to a well trained infantry team or elemental team is inferior as the battle computer is unable to devise new tactics with any speed compared to a live person. With minor alterations each drone can be equipped to carry any number of standard infantry weapons providing the main battle computer is programmed with information on how each operates.

Addiction data feed: the machine totally and instantly shuts down any time the transmission signal from the primary brain is shut off.
Dependants: the drones are programmed to be team tactics users as much as possible and rely heavily on each unit, destruction of individual units places more stress on the primary brain and the remaining units to function.

Berserker: for a unknown reason the battle computer, during times of stress will overload and send mixed code to the drones, causing each to explode in a whirling slashing frenzy on anything within reach other then other drone units. Occurrences of this are somewhat rare however as it takes a great deal of on field stress or activity to cause the overload.

Unemotional: Though each drone can speak for the battle computer and has a limited ability to think for itself, within the parameters of its brains programming; the machines are easily confused and annoyed by screaming yelling and other emotions and may attack targets who show such signs directly over other targets.

Large Size: each drone is nine feet tall and masses in around a ton and a half, so buildings and doorways are often small, causing them to crash through and break down walls and doorways. Though programmed to battle in a infantry role in a urban environment they will leave a swath of destruction behind them.
Greetings Mechwarrior.
01/25/07 11:25 PM

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Interesting...a nice mix of sci-fi's robots and battle type droids...

Given time and plenty of paper, a philosopher can prove anything.
01/26/07 01:30 AM

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yeah heh, and its all from the mw book just altered the armor stats a point fs b and e types i think.
Greetings Mechwarrior.
08/13/09 04:29 PM

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Okay looks good with a re-read a few years later...

In fact I know someone who is willing to use robots in his MW campaign setting...

Given time and plenty of paper, a philosopher can prove anything.
05/18/13 01:53 PM

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Anyone else every do anything similar?

Given time and plenty of paper, a philosopher can prove anything.
07/19/13 06:04 AM

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Nice, never did that.

but Battledroids LOL
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