Enmity Dropship

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01/26/11 03:54 PM

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My Blurb:
This spawns from a thread under Designs.
I am still working out some logistic aspects of moving and RCT from that discussion.
But I wanted to get 1 of my 2 base designs posted for comments since this is my first attempt at dropships. I am curious if it is well enough armed and armored? Fast enough? An actual viable design? Did I screw up the math?
So, I have applied it here to moving a mixed-arms mercenary BattleMech company.
I am shooting for a long-range dropship that is tough enough to reliably get its cargoes to the suface. I've tried to account for consumables as well as additional crew that I thought would be sensible to have aboard.

Enmity Dropship
Mercenary Configuration

Weight: 7500 tons
Structural Integrity: 30
Structural Integrity Weight: 450 tons
Controls: 57 tons

Armor: 75 tons
__Nose:19 tons
__L/R: 19 tons
__Aft:18 tons

Fuel: 368 tons
Strategic Fuel Use: 200 days
Fuel equipment: 7.5 tons

Safe Thrust: 4
Maximum Thrust: 6
Engine weight: 1950 tons

Heatsinks: 260
__145 tons + 115 engine heatsinks

Minimum Crew: 6
__Co-Pilot/First Officer
__Navigation Officer
__Chief Engineer
__Head of Security/Fire Control

Minimum Gunners: 7

Additional Crew:
__Field Kitchen: 3 tons, 3 Crew
__Medical Theater: 3.5 tons, 5 crew
__Dropship Astechs: 6 (Chief Engineer is the lead Tech)

__Mechwarriors: 12
__BattleMech Bay Techs: 12
__Aerospace Pilots: 2
__Aerospace Bay Techs: 2
__Light Vehicle Crew: 24
__Light Vehicle Bay Techs:6
__Heavy Vehicle Crew: 14
__Heavy Vehicle Bay Techs: 2
__Foot Infantry: 28
__Foot Infantry Bay Techs: 1

Crew & Passenger Quarters (Using quarters instead of bays saves 135 tons)
__Officers Quarters: 35 (350 tons)
__Enlisted Quarters: 95 (665 tons)

Weapons Systems:
All six weapon bays contain:
__2 PPC
__2 LRM 15 w/3 tons of ammo
__1 AC 20 w/4 tons of ammo
__1 SRM 4 w/1 ton of ammo

The Nose also holds:
1 Long Tom Artillery Piece /w 5 tons of ammo

Total Weapons & Ammunition Weight: 371 tons

Escape Pods: 4 @ 28 tons
Life Boats: 16 @ 112 tons

Cargo Bays:
1 BattleMech Bay (4 doors): 12 BattleMech Cubicles (1800 tons)
1 Aerospace Bay (1 door): 2 Aerospace Fighter Cubicles (300 tons)
1 Vehicle Bay (2 doors): 6 Light Vehicle Cubicles (300 tons) & 2 Heavy Vehicle Cubicles (200 tons)
1 Infantry Bay (0 doors): 1 Foot Infantry Cubicle (5 tons)
1 Cargo Bay (1 Door): 2 Cargo sections (130 tons consumables and general & 180 tons general)(Total Cargo 310 tons)
02/03/11 12:28 PM

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I've come across a few significant flaws myself.

First is the heatsinks. I thought I had read that I had to have enough heatsinks to fire all the weapons. But this seems to only apply to conventional fighters. I can't fire weapons to the point that it causes an overheat, but I don't have to heatsink an alpha strike. Nor do I think I need to. I figure covering four firing arcs should be more than sufficient.

The second thing is that the artillery piece may be questionable. I didn't find an option for an artillery grouping. It also pushed the design out of the Tournament Legal category (although the cannon Fortress appears to have a Long Tom). But there may have been some rules revisions around artillery with its placement in TachOps.

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