STU-AE Stuka

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12/05/11 07:42 AM

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STU-AE Stuka
100 tons IS Advanced

Movement: 5/8
Engine: 300 XL
Heat Sinks: 18 [36]
Fuel: 5t

Structural Integrity: 10
Armor: 314+10 (Ferro-Aluminum)
NOS: 65
COC: 24
LW: 60
RW: 60
FUS: 65
ENG: 50

2 LGR ammo (32)
4 ML

4 ML

4 ML


The STU-AE Stuka was commissioned by Assinine Industries to defend the world that it is on and to defend its interests else where. It is believed that at least four wings of the heavy fighter where confirmed to have been bought by Assinine Industries but if more where bought that is unknown.

There is little that is all that unusual about the heavy fighter. It is a basic fighter that is designed for its heavy hitting fire power as is the older model. It was just upgraded from the basic STU-K5 model. The 300 fusion engine was replaced with a 300 XL power plant to drop weight so more weapons could be added. One of the few things on the fighter that was not changed was its fuel capacity. Since the fighters where expected to stay close to supporting drop ships it was deemed that there was no point to increase the amount of fuel the fighter carried.

An extra 2.5 tons of armor was added and the armor was upgraded to Ferro-Aluminum, that increase its armor protection mostly on the wings and engine compartment by about 60 percent. The cockpit also had an additional 50 more armor added.

A lot of weight was saved when twelve of the heat sinks where removed and the ones that where left where upgraded to the double variety. Though the fighter carries only sixty percent of the heat sinks of the older fighter it can drop about seven percent more heat that the older model did.

The weapons where changed around somewhat and modernized.

The nose long range missile launcher was removed to make room for a light gauss rifle with two tons of ammo and addition to an extended range large laser. The short range missile launcher was removed to add three more medium lasers to the nose.

On each of the wings a large laser was removed and the remanding one was upgraded to an extended range model. Also four medium lasers where added to each wing.

The rear of the fighter had the most firepower added. Instead of the two medium lasers that where there, now there are six extended range medium lasers back there. If any light fighter tries to get behind this fighter trying to hit its lightly defended back armor it will have a great surprise when the six extended range medium lasers hit it. Its rear has more firepower than a lot of light fighters has for its entire front ark.

The STU-AE Stuka does not have as much hitting power as the original STU-K5 in its front ark. It can do about eighty percent of the damage in a single salvo compared to the STU-K5 but it makes up for that in its longer ranges that it can engage its enemies at. The only real improvement in the front firing ark is if the STU-AE Stuka can get within range to use its 12 medium lasers.

Since Assinine Industries took delivery of the heavy fighters it has had very little opportunity to use them because of the stable situation that has been created in the region. The only opportunity that has been presented so far has been when the Federated Suns hired the fighters and there Leopard-CV carriers to fly air cover for a mercenary mech Battalion that their mission was a raid on a pirate's base that was doing incursions into the federated Suns space. Other than a couple of strafing runs the fighters saw no real action.
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