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05/12/12 10:18 AM

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In the Mechwarrior 3 rule book of you have a SOC rating of 1 your have a status of a slave. That creates some questions about your real status depending on where your from.

Of the five great houses I would think only in CC and DC would have slavery be legal. Of the other three houses slavery would be "officially" considered a crime thou illegal slavery would be a problem from place to place and more so in the sex trade than in labor.

As for the outer leagues I am not so sure but I would believe that in all of them slavery is if not fully at least partially legal. As for everywhere else in the Periphery and outer Periphery slavery is a common way of life for a large number of people on almost every planet except for a minor few where enslavement is considered a crime that is enforced.

Of course what one defines as a slave would be a factor in what they see as someone being a slave or not. My definition is a person that is considered per-say legal property and not someone that is just being forced to work in degrading conditions because of economic factors that they have no control over. Basically if there are no physical bearers stopping someone from just walking away or that they will not be chased down and physically forced back then they are not really slaves.
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The CC's "servitor caste" is basically slavery. Legally, it's a bit closer to indentured servitude or Czarist Russia peasantry, but...pretty much slavery. This varies from planet to planet, though. One planet might treat servitors as virtual slaves, while another might treat them as slightly disadvantaged non-union labor.

The Combine nominally does not endorse chattel slavery, but it will use prisoners as slave labor and the status of peasants (I mean, no **** tied-to-the-land Czarist Russia P-E-A-S-A-N-T-S peasants) on some worlds will be fairly close to slavery. (See: Annapolis in A Time of War.)

The Federated Suns will fall afoul of its own "hands off planets" laws. It is entirely possible for some planets to have feudal peasants (as noted above); some dictatorships to have slave laborers; and maybe an oddball or two planet with actual slaves. However, the Crucis Pact guarantees some liberties, particularly when slaves leave a planet, and political pressure means the central government is inclined to suppress slavery.

The Lyrans informally tend to stay hands-off with its planets, so they have a few worlds with severe bigotry and maltreatment of ethnic minorities (e.g, New Capetown in 3025). However, political pressure to enforce the fairly free Lyran civil rights norm means that Archons tend to make it a point to suppress, er, suppression. (New Capetown was under severe pressure to stop being a douche.)

The Free Worlds League tends to endorse nation-wide civil rights but, like the FS, it could be very tolerant of extremes of planetary governments (planetary dictatorships, like that of Claybrooke, were not unknown). Because of the FWL central government's tendency to meddle in the affairs of its citizens, the FWL probably has the lowest abuses (or is tied with the Lyrans).
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Disclaimer: Anything stated in this post is unofficial and non-canon unless directly quoted from a published book. Random internet musings of a BattleTech writer are not canon.
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