Reaver: A 7/11 Clanbuster

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01/29/15 12:39 AM

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Created on Jan 29, 2015
Medium Ground Vehicle Technical Readout

Type: Reaver TD-HCA-50
Technology Base: Inner Sphere / 3050
Ruleset: Advanced (5th edition)
Movement Type: Hovercraft
Tonnage: 50
Cost: 2,936,667 C-bills
Battle Value: 623
Equipment Mass
Internal Structure: 10.0
Engine: 115 8.0
Type: ICE
Cruise MP: 7
Flank MP: 11
Heat Sinks: 0 0.0
Control Equipment: 2.5
Lift Equipment: 5.0
Power Amplifier: 0.0
Turret: 0.0
Armor Factor: 120 7.5
Front 36
L/R Side 30/30
Rear 24
Weapons and Ammo Location Tons
AC/20 Front 14.0
Machine Gun Front 0.5
SRM 4 Front 2.0
SRM 4 Front 2.0
Ammo (AC/20) 5 Body 1.0
Ammo (AC/20) 5 Body 1.0
Ammo (MG) 100 Body 0.5
Ammo (SRM 4) 25 Body 1.0
Crew: 3
Cargo: tons

BattleForce 2
MP Damage PB/M/L Overheat Class
7h 4/4/- - M
Armor/Structure Point Value Specials
-/4 7 -
Reaver TD-HCA-50
Mass: 50 tons
Movement Type: Hovercraft
Power Plant: GM 115 ICE
Cruising Speed: 76 kph
Flank Speed: 119 kph
Armor: Standard
Machine Gun
Manufacturer: Inner Sphere
Communications System: Standard
Targeting & Tracking System: Standard
Designed to counter fast-moving, heavily armed and armored Clan 'Mechs at the outset of their invasion of the Inner Sphere, Damage, Inc. created the Reaver as a stopgap measure against the Clan threat until technology that could even the playing field could become commonly available.
Only standard components were used in the Reaver's construction--a GM 115 ICE engine for decent speed--amazing spead compared to other chassis types, but slow for a hovercraft, standard armor (seven and a half tons, above average for a hover-type vehicle), and only common armament: An AC/20 with two tons of ammo, two SRM-4's with one ton of ammo, and a machine gun with half a ton of reloads to deal with infantry.
Battle History
Against the Clans, of course the Reaver was outmatched, especially in protracted battles where the limitations of its ammunition bays became all too apparent, but its armor, somewhat, made up for that, and House crews were oft-heard to say that "The Reaver'll get you home." As a main battle tank its terrain restrictions due to its motive type would've made it mediocre at best, but its speed and firepower meant it was an excellent ambusher and raider. While in the long run it would prove to be outclassed by other contemporary designs, it did the job it had to do--buying time, and raising hell for the Clanners in the same time. It's proven to be popular nowadays in mercenary units.
What happens when you take a medium-caliber artillery piece, mod it for Combat Vehicles, and stick it on a fast hovercraft chassis? You get the Reaver MAB-HCB-50, retaining the same base chassis, armor, and powerplant as the original version, but replacing all weaponry with a Sniper artillery gun and two tons of ammo to make a quick-moving assassin and disruptor unit.
As Star League tech became more readily available, a more common variant arose, the Reaver TD-HCC-50. This version replaced the mammoth AC/20, the SRM-4's and the MG with a more 'refined' Gauss Rifle with two tons of ammo, supported by an SRM-6 with Artemis IV and one ton of ammo, all forward-facing.
A distinctly Lyran build, the TD-HCD-50 replaces all weaponry with a powerful Heavy Gauss Rifle with four tons of ammo.
Popular in House Davion, the TD-HCE-50 replaces the autocannon with a Rotary Autocannon with a class of 5, carrying three tons of ammo, and an MRM-20 carrying two tons of ammo.
01/29/15 05:40 PM

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Resembles a supersized Saladin.

I like it, but being a hovercraft I doubt it'd be a vehicle with a reputation for getting you home, as the motive system will probably quickly give out long before the armor does in the sight of any sort of cluster weapon, such as a SRM or a LB-X autocannon.
01/29/15 09:00 PM

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The whole 'getting you home' bit was more in reference to its armor protection than anything else :P
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