Speilfaust Medium Tank

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01/29/15 11:09 PM

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Created on Jan 30, 2015
Medium Ground Vehicle Technical Readout

Type: Spielfaust G-AT-45
Technology Base: Inner Sphere / 2750
Ruleset: Advanced (5th edition)
Movement Type: Tracked
Tonnage: 45
Cost: 1,577,600 C-bills
Battle Value: 407
Equipment Mass
Internal Structure: 9.0
Engine: 180 14.0
Type: ICE
Cruise MP: 4
Flank MP: 6
Heat Sinks: 8 8.0
Control Equipment: 2.5
Lift Equipment: 0.0
Power Amplifier: 0.5
Turret: 0.0
Armor Factor: 96 6.0
Front 22
L/R Side 20/20
Rear 14
Weapons and Ammo Location Tons
Large Laser Turret 5.0
SRM 6 Front 3.0
Ammo (SRM 6) 15 Body 1.0
Crew: 3
Cargo: tons

BattleForce 2
MP Damage PB/M/L Overheat Class
4t 2/2/- - M
Armor/Structure Point Value Specials
-/3 5 -
Spielfaust G-AT-45
Mass: 45 tons
Movement Type: Tracked
Power Plant: GM 180 ICE
Cruising Speed: 43 kph
Flank Speed: 65 kph
Armor: Standard
Large Laser
Manufacturer: Inner Sphere
Communications System: Standard
Targeting & Tracking System: Standard
A simple and efficient medium tank, the Speilfaust, or "Spirit Fist", was originally produced by Platypus 'Mech Works for the Lyran Commonwealth, its simplicity and ease of repair meaning many examples survived well into the Succession Wars.
A 180-rating ICE engine powered the Speilfaust at average speeds for a tank of its size, and an even six tons of armor provided decent protection from enemy fire. Weaponry consisted of a turret-mounted Large Laser and a front-mounted SRM-6 with one ton of ammo.
G-BT-45: Replaces the Large Laser, heat sinks, and power amplifiers with an AC/10 with one ton of ammo, the SRM-6 being retained. Often purchased by House Davion.
G-CT-45: A common refit, downgrades the SRM-6 to an SRM-4, and installs a machine gun with half a ton of ammunition in the turret for anti-infantry work.
G-DT-45: Replaces weaponry with twin machine guns with half a ton of ammo stored in the turret, and installs four medium lasers in the turret as well for devastating ammo-independent strikes at close range.
G-EW-45: Removes the Large Laser and missile launcher, and ammunition, and installs an LRM-15 with two tons of ammo in the front, an Autocannon/5 with one ton of ammo in the turret, and a machine gun with half a ton of ammo, also in the turret.
01/30/15 06:02 AM

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A Goblin variant
Why argue if the glass is half full or half empty, when you know someone is going to knock it over and spill it anyways.

I was a Major *pain* before
But I got a promotion.
I am now a General *pain*
Yay for promotions!!!
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Ooh, yeah forgot about that.
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