Sandslash Medium Tank

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Created on Jan 30, 2015
Medium Ground Vehicle Technical Readout

Type: Sandslash Medium Tank
Technology Base: Inner Sphere / 3075
Ruleset: Advanced (5th edition)
Movement Type: Wheeled
Tonnage: 45
Cost: 2,086,788 C-bills
Battle Value: 493
Equipment Mass
Internal Structure: 4.5
Engine: 205 8.5
Type: Fuel Cell
Cruise MP: 5
Flank MP: 8
Heat Sinks: 3 -7.0
Control Equipment: 2.5
Lift Equipment: 0.0
Power Amplifier: 0.0
Turret: 0.0
Armor Factor: 100 6.5
Front 24
L/R Side 20/20
Rear 16
Weapons and Ammo Location Tons
Medium Laser Turret 1.0
LB 5-X AC Front 8.0
Streak SRM 4 Front 3.0
Streak SRM 4 Front 3.0
Ammo (LB 5-X) 20 Body 1.0
Ammo (LB 5-X) 20 Body 1.0
Ammo (SSRM 4) 25 Body 1.0
Crew: 3
Cargo: tons

BattleForce 2
MP Damage PB/M/L Overheat Class
5w 2/2/0 - M
Armor/Structure Point Value Specials
-/4 5 -
Sandslash Medium Tank
Mass: 45 tons
Movement Type: Wheeled
Power Plant: Vlar 205 Fuel Cell
Cruising Speed: 54 kph
Flank Speed: 85 kph
Armor: Standard
Medium Laser
Streak SRM 4
Streak SRM 4
Manufacturer: Inner Sphere
Communications System: Standard
Targeting & Tracking System: Standard
A medium combat vehicle, the Sandslash was a skirmisher born, with decent armor and speed, and good firepower for its size and type.
Crew consisted of three: A driver and two gunners--one for the turret-mounted laser and one for the missiles and autocannon.
A Fuel Cell Engine powered the Sandslash at speeds of 87 kph. Six and a half tons of armor provided good protection for a medium tank. A front-mounted LB5-XAC with two tons of ammo allowed the Sandslash to land crippling blows against aircraft and other vehicles with ease using cluster munitions, or take on hardened targets with solid ammo. Two Streak-SRM-4's with one ton of ammo joined the autocannon in the front, allowing even more internal-exploiting capabilities. Finally, a Medium Laser was mounted in the turret for backup independent of ammunition.
Notable Warriors
"The Dauntless Few": Name given to one Lyran Sandslash commanded by one Donovan McGonnagol, the "Dauntless Few" ended an uprising near the edge of the Commonwealth by landing a crippling blow on a rebel Demolisher's motive systems using cluster munitions, bringing the spearhead of the rebellion to a grinding halt and allowing friendly light 'Mech and vehicle assets to dispatch the infantry accompanying the enemy tank. The crew received high praise from their superiors, and the garrison forces, as funds became available, slowly began phasing out many of their medium tanks in favor of the Sandslash.
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