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02/03/15 11:34 PM

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Created on Feb 4, 2015
Ultra-Light Hydrofoil Technical Readout

Type: Dolphin FS-AHY-15
Technology Base: Inner Sphere / 3075
Ruleset: Advanced (5th edition)
Movement Type: Hydrofoil
Tonnage: 15
Cost: 501,488 C-bills
Battle Value: 233
Equipment Mass
Internal Structure: 1.5
Engine: 45 1.0
Type: Fuel Cell
Cruise MP: 10
Flank MP: 15
Heat Sinks: 0 -10.0
Control Equipment: 1.0
Lift Equipment: 1.5
Power Amplifier: 0.0
Turret: 0.0
Armor Factor: 40 2.5
Front 15
L/R Side 15/15
Rear 10
Weapons and Ammo Location Tons
LRM 10 Front 5.0
Ammo (LRM 10) 12 Body 1.0
Ammo (LRM 10) 12 Body 1.0
Crew: 1
Cargo: tons

BattleForce 2
MP Damage PB/M/L Overheat Class
10f 1/1/1 - U
Armor/Structure Point Value Specials
-/1 3 -
Dolphin FS-AHY-15
Mass: 15 tons
Movement Type: Hydrofoil
Power Plant: GM 45 Fuel Cell
Cruising Speed: 108 kph
Flank Speed: 162 kph
Armor: Standard
LRM 10
Manufacturer: Inner Sphere
Communications System: Standard
Targeting & Tracking System: Standard
A Damage, Inc. design for shore bombardment from a distance. Cheap and efficient.
A Fuel Cell 45 engine propelled the Dolphin at speeds of up to 162 kph, perfectly capable of outrunning anything capable of threatening its somewhat light two and a half tons of standard armor. An LRM-10 with two tons of ammo was the hydrofoil's only weapon.
Dolphin FS-BHY-15: Replaces the Fuel Cell engine with a weaker, heavier ICE engine, enabling still-respectable speeds of 130 kph. One ton of LRM ammo is removed, making room for two machine guns mounted in the bow with half a ton of ammo.
Dolphin FS-CHY-15: Nicknamed the "Sea Javelin" after a similarly armed light 'Mech, the Dolphin FS-CHY-15 retains all aspects of the -AHY-15 except for armament, replacing that with two SRM-6's with one ton of ammo, or, in some cases, two SRT-6's with one ton of ammo, allowing blindingly fast hit-and-run attacks.
Dolphin FS-DHY-15: Adds a full ton of armor, and a turret, in which is mounted a single Medium Pulse Laser for ammo-independent attacks.
Dolphin FS-EHY-15: "Sea Scout." Downgrades the LRM rack to an Artemis IV-assisted LRM-5 with one ton of ammo, and installs an Anti-Missile System with one ton of ammo in the front, and a Beagle Active Probe in the body.
Dolphin H-FHY-15: Hit-and Run harasser. Replaces weaponry with four RL-20's and one RL-15 mounted in the bow.

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02/04/15 01:09 AM

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There is a half ton that is not accounted for. You can up your armor protection another 8 points.
Why argue if the glass is half full or half empty, when you know someone is going to knock it over and spill it anyways.

I was a Major *pain* before
But I got a promotion.
I am now a General *pain*
Yay for promotions!!!
02/04/15 08:58 AM

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Ah, interesting. Must not have spotted that.
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