"The sorcerer's apprentice" 'dilemma' in gaming, or...

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09/14/15 03:10 AM

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"The sorcerer's apprentice" 'dilemma' in gaming, or...

... all I ever wanted was some less stupid, less clumsy AI opponents in my games.

Now it sonetimes looks like some AI opponents can gank my toon faster and smarter than the average-skilled PvP enthusiast, or maybe I just started getting older - and slower...?

Or maybe it's about time to delegate tedious tasks and let magic servants / minions do the in game chores?

I mean, what could happen? AI, aim bots and so on taking over the player's part? Watching my AI 'optimized' toon fight other AI 'optimized' toons...?

Now where did I put that "Phantasia" DVD? Mickey where art thou?
09/14/15 07:14 PM

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There is a difference in ai being smart enough to not get caught up on walls and other spots like that, and things like being able to dodge shots that there is no way for anyone to know is about to happen.
So when you ask for smarter AI, you need to specify what type.
Game difficulties are supposed to help with that, but really, they should not run to a spot that they can not get through and sit there to get pounded.

Even on the easiest setting, I have had creatures in gears of war (all 4 games) and halo (3 of the ones I have) either dodge just before I fire a sniper rifle with no other combat going on, or being able to instantaneously know where I am at without them seeing me.
But yet those with me seem to not be able to shoot anything and will let a creature walk past them and let that same creature shoot you. This happens alot in the call of duty games.
With this, I have seen the AI ignore other AI run units in the game to run straight after you, since killing you is the end of the game and needs a reset. I understand the harder difficulties having a better response, but there are some missions that unless you know the map, you can not beat it.
I have had some similar issues with mass effect trilogy as well. It is very annoying you finally get the shot set up, and someone walks in your way.

Yet some of those missions have it so you MUST take horrible damage to get to a spot that you can survive at. Yet with playing it the first time, you die so often as the weapons that kill you, do not do much to the enemy, and as I said. You have to know before playing the map/scenario since you are lucky to find it just blindly running through the fields.

But this might just come down to my skill biting the big one. I don't know.
12/19/16 07:21 PM

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spoiler space:











Do you remember the episode "Elementary, Dear Data" from Star Trek - The Next Generation?


'Apprentice' (LaForge) orders a wothy holodeck opponent for his andrioid friend (Dara), leaves details of NPC creation and game balancing to the Enterprise's computer and both encounter a NPC villaon (Moriarty) who matches Data's skill level.

Ouch, careful what you wish for...

Other guest appearances who join the holodeck PickUpGroup (PUG):

- Doctor Pulaski (I'm a healer, not a Damsel In Distress)
- the wise old sorceror (Gandalf, err, Picard) who finally cleabs up the mess created by his appremtoce

A StarTrek holodeck fantasy interpreted as some kind of Multiplayer RPG, played in ultra hardcore elitr mode, potential death pemalty included. BTW, open world full loot as well (NPC thug with knife who demands all the money)...

Forget VR headsets (just good enough for some headache), gimme my own holodeck insteads, wirh giant robots / Mechs...
12/20/16 02:26 AM

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Battle suits and larger units don't seem to be in the star trek universe. It seems the made to die supporting person in the landing party should never have armor on that might actually save them from dying.

Imagine that.
An episode where someone isn't laying on the ground ready to die if they don't get help.

While I am thinking about it, they showed fighters in one of the next generation episodes, yet you don't see them defending earth in any of the attacks on it, nor do you see any episodes outside of the sol system. Only armed shuttle craft. Sounds pretty stupid to me.
But this is a little off the subject.
12/21/16 12:49 AM

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There is something I was told that does go along this line.

Shakespear said there is only 7 original story lines.
If this is true, you will always have some similarities in things like games, books, campaigns and such.

I wouldn't be surprised if the sorcerer's apprentice isn't a story that was taken from an earlier story along the same concept.
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