Using Wizkids miniatures for Battletech? Is it ok?

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02/17/08 04:54 PM

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Hi there,

I just joined this post, and i am just getting into battletech with my friend. I bought the 3 new core rulebooks, (starter set, total warfare, and the tech manual), and am planning on expanding my collection past those of the starter set.

I wanted to know if any of you guys would tell me if it would be ok if i bought and used some of the mechwarrior:dark Age figs (from wizkids) or the new Mechwarrior set (can't remember the name), if they are the same size of the metals, and compatible. I would of course strip them of there paint and repaint them, and rebase them on hexagonal bases.

I have not seen anyone on the internet(classic battletech players) saying that they do this. Although i am an avid wargammer, painter of miniatures, and i love pewter miniatures, but i can't really spend too much money on this new hobby.

Are alot of the miniatures from wizkids the same models(battlemechs, infantry, vehicles) as the iron wind miniatures, or at least close enough in size and dimensions to use after re basing and repainting?

I'm a newbie to this, so please don't bash me, i'm just trying to figure out what will be cost effective and possible to play a game that looks both tactically intelligent and very creative.

02/18/08 02:31 AM

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it is perfectly acceptable to use the Mechwarrior Dark Age Mineratures to play battletech...

In fact, many players use the infantry figures to play battletech when it is something that we have battletech stats for that have not yet made it to IWM.

the hardest things to get around are the size of the minerature vs the size of the hex...

but considering that the IWM mineratures are 1/285th Scale compared to the 1/900th scale of the map, its not too much more of a distortion to use the 1/160th scale mineratures of Mechwarrior: Dark Age, Mechwarrior: Age of Destruction, or Mechwarrior: Solaris on the same maps if you can get them to fit... (very unlikely)

as for using the WK minitures to play minerature rules... that could work out perfectly, the only question that you need to answer for your self is what scale you want the map to be at

if you use 1" to 30 Meters, that is 1:1181st Scale, and not to scale with any BattleTech Universe Figures that i know about (and you should not accept any "justifications" like "the mechs are moving slower") if you choose to do actual LOS, it is playable but NOT accurate if you choose to do this, it is solely up to you and your group

if you use 1" to 15 Meters, that is 1:590th Scale, and not to scale with any BattleTech Universe Figures that i know about... 2" to 30 m

if you use 1" to 7.5 Meters, that is 1:285th Scale, and is to scale with the IWM / Ral Partha Figures and you can trust your eyes at this scale if you are using these Minis... if you are using the Solaris Boxed Set Rules, its relatively playable, but if you are using the BattleTech Rules, 4" to 30 Meters uses up an absurdly large amount of real estate... do you think that you can swing using the gym or the parking lot?

If you use 1" to 4 Meters, that is 1:160th Scale, and is roughly to scale with the MW:DA, MW:AOD & MW Solaris mineratures and you can trust your eyes at this scale if you are using these Minis... or, roughly, 7" per 30 m
Christopher Robin Perkins

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08/03/17 01:36 AM

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Really anything from the fasa to catalyst that it is battletech can be played and used in tandem with proper set up, battle force scale is often used for infantry and squads as well :3
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08/03/17 06:35 AM

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I have seen folks use 1 hex equals 1 inch and the game played out just as fun as anything else. A lot of times it is the people you are playing the game with as far as what works or doesn't.

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12/15/17 07:42 AM

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I have printed out pictures of some mechs, ones that I rarely use, and folded them into tepees and glued them to pennies. Now, I doubt I could use those in a tournament, but my players don't seem to mind at all.
As long as it has a clear front and back, it doesn't matter too much what you use.
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12/15/17 04:08 PM

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Well having them with a clear facing is another issue. Need to know the front is not between hexes.

The players should be the ones to decide what to use. Not everyone has the money to buy the figures, though a few of the box sets I got had them in there. Not sure if the newer basic set has the newer mechs in there, as the one I got didn't have jenners, panthers, wolfhounds, valkyries or the like. It was the original, now unseen, mechs in there. 2 maps. Reinforcements had more varieties of mechs in there.

Got some of the pewter(lead) figures for some of them, but not alot. Couldn't find some where I lived, so went with what they had.
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