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09/26/17 07:35 PM

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I was wondering if this seems, erm "balanced"? EDIT: And tech-sound / lore-friendly.

A pre-CASE system of the same function, but requiring an Ammo Dumer to be added on. A pre-MML system of a facsimilous function only not allowing two kinds of ammo at the same time And Simulated Zero-G Endo-Steel. (Also posted on the 'General forum')

To elaborate:

The pre-CASE being a Quik-Swap Magazine:

Essentially by adding an Ammo Dumper to a special magazine the 'ech gains the Non-functional quirk and Fast Reload quirk. The system takes up 2 Criticals and is incompatible with other Ammo Dumpers. One critical hit renders the system Non-Functional as a CASE and two results in possible ammo feed problems. In the event of an ammo explosion the modified dumper blows out, although the system doesn't need to be replaced in this case, much like the... well, the CASE.

The pre-MML:

Basically an MML that confers the Fixed Ammo Feed quirk by default. Unsure what to cal it; suggestions welcome. The launcher requires a minor refit to change ammo types, but two launchers can use two different ammo types, just not switch between them.

Planet-made Endo-Steel:

Basically standard IS endo-steel, but not requiring orbital refineries. More expensive on account of being more time-consuming to make and all 'Mechs which mount it gain the Non-Standard Parts quirk due to it being incompatibe with Orbital Made Endo-Steel.

Any thoughts?

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09/27/17 12:55 AM

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The case system is made to channel ammo explosions out of some doors designed to give way long before the rest of the 'cube' that is the case system. Now I could see using the case as the ammo bin itself for a quick reload, by changing the whole thing out would be possible, I don't know if the example you have would work.

The mml system seems overly complicated. It sounds like it might be easier to use pods and change out the missile launcher and ammo, as you should not be able to swap it in the field. Now if you had some quirks like the system in the prototype stages that might jam when a second type of ammo is used, or locks up the system as the ammo doesn't seat right in the chamber sound more like the pre status.

The endo steel hopefully was answered in the other thread, though it may not be correct. It is just what I have thought of.
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