Word of Blake 35-Ton Speedy Stealth Scout

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10/29/17 11:54 PM

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New Mek
IS experimental
35 tons
BV: 819
Cost: 31,751,550 C-bills

Movement: 8/12(20)
Engine: 280 XXL
Heat Sinks: 10 [20]
Cockpit: Interface Cockpit
Gyro: Heavy Duty Gyro

Internal: 58 (Reinforced)
Armor: 109/119 (Heavy Ferro-Fibrous)
Internal Armor
Center Torso 11 11
Center Torso (rear) 11
Right Torso 8 8
Right Torso (rear) 8
Left Torso 8 8
Left Torso (rear) 8
Right Arm 6 8
Left Arm 6 8
Right Leg 8 16
Left Leg 8 16

Equipment Loc
Reinforced None
Void Signature System LL
Supercharger LT
Bloodhound Active Probe LT
Angel ECM Suite RT

I saw a post a while back with a 'super speed Mech' that had like 200mph or some non-sense that would liquify the pilot if they tripped or something. Got me thinking, "Why not build one myself?" This one takes some inspiration from the Raptor II, but is more or less a goof.

I don't really know how it would be [or if it even would be] used on the TableTop Game, but in general the idea is that an Interface Cockpit allows the pilot to use this scout remotely, while the Void Signature system keeps it hidden from sensors, and to a lesser extent, visuals. The 'Mech is unarmed, but it's vulnerable XXL Engine is protected by 5 and a half tons of Heavy Ferro-Fibrous Armor and a Reinforced Internal Structure. A Heavy Duty Gyro helps ensure the 'Mech does not lose it's all important mobility while a MASC / Supercharger allow up to 200 k/ph in short bursts.

Unfortunately it's also 31 million C-Bills, thus probably not something that would ever be produced. Still a fun little novelty to build.
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10/30/17 11:59 AM

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Reminds me of a couple of mechs I have seen that were called Racing Mechs, no weapons, just small light weight speedsters and fun one off mechs.

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10/30/17 08:52 PM

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Make it a quad and ram others with it. The piloting bonus for the quad would help keep you on your feet.
If you use economic rules, this would never see the light of day.
It is all cost and no real combat value.

If you play without that aspect, his may be a good mech for physical combat arenas. The charge would devastate most opponents if you get a good run on them.

If it really was a scout mech, a tag unit or c3 would be something to have on it. Let your lancemates or artillery know they have a target.

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