Raptor III A 40-ton OmniMech ReDesign of the Raptor II

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11/06/17 03:33 PM

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Raptor III
IS advanced
40 tons
BV: 1,177
Cost: 8,549,333 C-bills

Movement: 5/8/5
Engine: 200
Heat Sinks: 12 [24]
Cockpit: Small Cockpit
Gyro: Standard Gyro

Internal: 67 (Endo-Steel)
Armor: 120/137
Internal Armor
Center Torso 12 12
Center Torso (rear) 10
Right Torso 10 10
Right Torso (rear) 10
Left Torso 10 10
Left Torso (rear) 10
Right Arm 6 10
Left Arm 6 10
Right Leg 10 16
Left Leg 10 16

Weapon Loc Heat
Light PPC RA 5
Light PPC LA 5
Small VSP Laser RT 3
Small VSP Laser LT 3

Equipment Loc
PPC Capacitor LA
PPC Capacitor RA
Guardian ECM Suite HD
Void Signature System CT

Basically a Raptor II, but slower and an OmniMech. The standard engine trades mobility, but with the pair of Capacitor equipped Light PPCs, one can strike from a decent range and inflict good damage. A group of five Jump Jets augments the 'Mechs limited mobility, while the OmniPods provide 12-tons of weapon Space. The Small VSP Lasers allow for this variant to interdict vehicles / combined arms forces / supply lines, while the longer range Light PPCs allow it to be a cover hit-and-run sniper.

This redesign is more focused on the Void Signature System, which is weaker in effect the more you move. A 5/8/5 allows it to outrun what it can't outshoot. As many Mediums / Heavies will have trouble keeping up, While Light 'Mechs will get torn to pieces by the VSP Lasers and PPCs. Anything daring to come within 3-hexes risks getting the full 10 damage, while anything not daring gets 16 damage from the PPCs and VSPs combined.

This 'Mech in it's base variant also only costs 200 more C-Bills than the original. It is NOT however, designed to replace the original Raptor II, as the Raptor II is an ambusher / backstabber. The Raptor III is a long-range hit-and-run / covert sniper / light interdiction platform with a more flexible loadout. Yes, I know it's very oversinked, but the Capacitors + the Void Signature System had to be accounted for. While the Light PPCs could be fired without them if discovered, this really isn't the ideal situation for the Raptor III and those who would employ it should take pains to ensure this doesn't happen.

EDIT: This 'Mech is a ReDesgin because although using the exact same Endo-Steel Chassis as the Raptor II, it is rebuilt from the ground up to utilize OmniMech Technology. If you shoved a 280XL into it, you would have an OmniMech Raptor II. And since they use the same 'bones' an Engine transplant would be relatively easier. The use of the Standard Fusion Engine is for two reasons; mainly so the cost of producing new Raptor IIIs would be comparable to a Raptor II and also because the 'Mech relies more on the ability of the Void Signature System to keep it hidden as it strikes from range or escapes, as opposed to getting in close, attacking, and running away.

RE-EDIT: The Raptor III also uses Standard Armor and a Guardian ECM Suite in place of Light Ferro-Fibrous and the Angel ECM Suite.

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