The Mjolnir / 45-ton Mini-Warhammer

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11/14/17 09:13 PM

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Mjolnir MJR-WHMR
IS TW non-box set
45 tons
BV: 1,208
Cost: 6,418,425 C-bills

Movement: 5/8
Engine: 225 Light
Heat Sinks: 10 [20]
Gyro: Standard Gyro

Internal: 75
Armor: 152/153
Internal Armor
Center Torso 14 17
Center Torso (rear) 11
Right Torso 11 13
Right Torso (rear) 9
Left Torso 11 13
Left Torso (rear) 9
Right Arm 7 14
Left Arm 7 14
Right Leg 11 22
Left Leg 11 22

Weapon Loc Heat
Light PPC LA 5
Light PPC RA 5
MML 5 LT 3
Medium Laser RT 3
Small Laser RT 1
Light Machine Gun CT 0
Light Machine Gun CT 0
Light Machine Gun RT 0
Light Machine Gun RT 0

Ammo Loc Shots
MML 5 LRM Ammo LT 24
MML 5 SRM Ammo LT 20
Half Light Machine Gun Ammo HD 100

Equipment Loc
PPC Capacitor RA
PPC Capacitor LA

Although 15-tons lighter and significantly faster, the Mjolnir is only half the 'Mech of the Warhammer. Similar costs, half the firepower with a few caveats. The LMGs provide half the Warhammer's MGs at the same range as Med. Pulse Lasers. The Light PPCs use PPC Capacitors to charge shoot to the original Warhammer's PPC damage. And the MML-5 with it's two tons of CASE protected ammo provide more flexibility. The 225 Light Fusion Engine helps preserve some of the original 60-tonners survivability, while 9 and a half tons of Standard armor give this 45-tonner good protection for it's weight class. a 5/8 movement speed puts this 'Mech on par with some faster Heavies and slower Mediums. The cost is some 400,000 C-Bills higher, while the BV is 91 points lower.
"Woad Raider, kill things today."
11/14/17 10:34 PM

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Already a cannon name. Not a huge issue, but it takes like 10 seconds to check. I always hate looking for a name and finding its already in use by the BT universe.
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