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11/04/17 07:02 PM

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Warning this post is illegal to cannon crew rules. This was designed using house crew rules found here.
If you dont like the use of house rules dont read any farther.

I have three kinds of shuttles to post, Cargo, Fuel, and passenger. This is the first, the cargo ship.

This ship can carry a very limited number of passengers but that is not its real intent. The passengers are for people that need to travel with the cargo or it can be personal to unload the cargo or a combination of both.

Class/Model/Name: small craft, Heavy Transport Shuttle
Mass: 200 tons

Equipment: Mass
Power Plant, Drive & Control: 39.00
Thrust: Safe Thrust: 3
Maximum Thrust: 5
Structural Integrity: 5 2.00
Total Heat Sinks: 6 standard 0.00
Fuel & Fuel Pumps: 12 days (1820 points) 23.20
Bridge, Controls, Radar, Computer & Attitude Thrusters: 1.50
Fire Control Computers: .00
Armor Type: (32 total armor pts) (+5) 2.00
Food and water Food enough for 16 days .80
spare parts 1.50
Standard Scale Armor Pts
Location: L / R
Fore: 13
Left/Right Wings: 13/13
Aft: 13

Crew and Passengers:

1) Senior Officers Quarters are calculated in terms of single rooms at six tons each
2) Junior Officers Quarters are calculated in terms of double rooms at four tons each
3) Enlisted Crew Quarters are calculated in terms of quad bunks rooms at three tons each

2 Crew (2 minimum)(4 tons each room) 4.00
8 Steerage passengers (3 tons each room) 6.00
** Cargo 120.00

Cost 5,693,200 C-Bills

There are a large variety of heavy transport shuttles. Because of the simplicity of the construction of such shuttles there are large numbers of manufacturers of cargo shuttles. They come in weights as light as a few tons to ships that are small dropships with out docking collars to attach to jumpships. Most cargo shuttles range from 100 tons to 200 tons for the ease of landing inside of a dropship or jumpships small craft dock.

This shuttle is a sister ship to Assinine Industries Large Personal Transport Shuttle. But instead of transporting personal from planet to planet it transports cargo. Do for the need to transport a vast variety of cargos the ship can transport almost anything that the shuttle can carry in weight. To that end the shuttle was designed so it can literally be taken apart to fit very large pieces of machinery into its hold.

Assinine Industries wanted to have some of its own shuttles of its own design so it does not have to rely on some outside vender for new ships or spare parts. Assinine Industries made such a well designed shuttle that others started to ask about buying the shuttles from Assinine Industries. Production of the shuttles was never intended to be large so the plant that builds the shuttles was kept quite small. What over production that the factory is able to make that is not needed by Assinine Industries its self is sold to highly selected customers that Assinine Industries has very strong business ties with. One of the such business partners is a block runners that delivers weapons to gorilla or revolutionary forces for Assinine Industries.

Notable Ship Peekaboo
The Peekaboo is a heavy transport shuttle that is owned by a mercenary that goes by the name Ghost. He bought one of Assinine Industries transport shuttles and took on the block running contract that goes with the sale of the shuttle. His first assignment was to to a world in the Capellan Confederation to deliver to some weapon systems to a good sized rebel group. He took a berth in a dropsips shuttle bay and was to launch just before the dropship entered the atmosphere when radar is blocked by the dropships reentry into the atmosphere. Everything went well to plan until the human element took over. Ghost took sympathy on the rebels and instead of launching and running to a jumpship to jump out of the system he stayed and helped the rebels. He ended up staying for five years using the shuttle to help the rebels. There where lots of times that his shuttle proved to be of great help. Every time that the rebels where trapped they would load up into the shuttle and escape the trap. He also used the shuttle to use in raids for supplies. He would drop off troops near the site of what was to be raided they would attack then call him in to load up the supplies and get away. Nothing ever worked to stop Ghost and the Peekaboo. Until one day that he was offered half a million C-Bills to leave the system with his shuttle and to never return. He was guaranteed safe passage out of the system through a mercenary broker. He decided that he had enough and wanted to go and took the offer. What the officials did not count on was that he packed almost a thousand people on the shuttle with breathing devices so he could take a good number of rebels with him. No one was the wiser of what he did until he docked with the dropship to leave orbit and all of the people where found in the shuttle in a drugged indued coma. Even being asleep that number of people really taxed the dropships life support system. When Ghost returned to Assinine Industries for the title of the shuttle there was no issues since the rebels paid him as a mercenary and he passed the shuttle payments back to Assinine Industries. To keep everyone alive he had almost no fuel in his fuel tanks but he instead was carrying a large supply of Oxygen for the passengers to breath.
Why argue if the glass is half full or half empty, when you know someone is going to knock it over and spill it anyways.

I was a Major *pain* before
But I got a promotion.
I am now a General *pain*
Yay for promotions!!!
11/26/17 11:35 AM

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Thanks for putting up the non military shuttles.

It is nice to see someone dealt with the normal things needed to run businesses.
Others may have, but it was done before I got here.
11/26/17 12:11 PM

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I tried to post cargo ships and other things, some worked some didn't.

Given time and plenty of paper, a philosopher can prove anything.
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