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01/30/18 02:59 AM

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I've been on a very short fuse and in a foul mood and then some. I think I've kept it off of these forums for the most part. However, I made the mistake of posting a suggestion on the MWO forums. It blew up in my face, fast. I'm not one for letting stuff go, but especially when I'm not in a good mood. I don't back down and I feel as if anything slightly negative is an attack on me. It is angering that some of these people have to act as if their idea is the only one that matters and that they have to prove they're so smart or know the game so well. Gah!
Ok, rant over. But why is it that people on this forum are usually nicer and more understanding, friendlier? Is it because we are not video gamers first? Or because it's a smaller group on here than MWO? I'm actually curious. Because even when people get their feathers ruffled on here, there's not the same level of anger and hatred.
01/30/18 03:12 AM

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The moderators actually ban people when they step out of line.
The are not the evil some would think, and most do give you a warning if you are headed towards one.
So far, I have not seen much that was unfair, thought a few might think so.
And they do not normally take sides.

I have been in a few altercations, though nothing so bad as people threatening others. It gets shut down on all sides before it gets that bad.
And they have removed some posts to avoid issues.

That does not mean some here are not good people. Some posters do not attack things, but have been nice about trying to get the facts straight.

I hope this helps.
02/01/18 11:29 AM

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Ghostrider, you may want to dig deep in to the archives of this site and read some of the heated threads and you will see some moderators taking sides and you will see some who should have been banned, but since they were buddies with certain folks at FASA/FANPRO/CGL they were given a larger degree of shall we say latitude then the rest of us. If you want to know more of my opinion on this PM.

Wolf Lord....I think it is because none of here feel our egos or what are in need of stroking and we are here to have fun. MWO is in my opinion a game, but it has become another my (fill in your word choice) is bigger cause I spent money XYZ or I have a better kill ratio cause I have not life and thus you suck. You see it will a lot of games, and yes you can see it with the folks who only play the table top side of BT. Also we here can arguing a point to death and then some, and then we move on or we find a new topic to beat to death. But at the end of the day, none of us are so emotionally fixated on winning or being the supreme (fill in your word of choice) that we have to come back and keep at it.

And the idea that this is the internet, where comments are typed NOT spoken and the body language is missing for us to be able to fully get what many are saying or meaning. Since right now you could read my first paragraph and I am sure some will and boom I will be getting asked about it or one of the mods will be screaming or maybe not, point is there is no tone, no shoulder moving or eye contact or even a hand waving to show how I meant it or how I didn't. And that is something we all forget to take into account.

Also the other day on FB (Facebook) a topic about WoB storyline came up, and I pointed out my reasons why I don't and still don't like it, only to have the company line shoved in my face again by someone who is KNOWN to have been and in some ways STILL part of the powers that be and a couple of folks told me I should listen to said person because of that, and when I said right YES men don't help matters and if a company can't handled complaints or someone pointing out issues with their magic formula then maybe they need to rethink things or stop pulling a Rian Johnson and defending things. Needless to say folks got mad and others stepped into cool things off, so it is all a matter of precipitation, we are reading something, we read it and we process it and then we react because we are not getting the main bit of human interaction.

Given time and plenty of paper, a philosopher can prove anything.
02/01/18 03:28 PM

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Makes sense. I have had to quit MWO. It takes a toll on me physically, especially if I play for more than an hour or two. And with that type of game, that's not much time. But after this issue came up, I cannot deal with that community any longer. I played to relax and have fun, and I felt as if that was taken away from me. I even asked for a moderator's help, and they have so far ignored me. They deleted the thread, but nothing else. I feel as if they don't want to upset some of their longer established and very vocal players, so just sweep it under the rug and hope it just goes away.

These guys on MWO seem to be more like children, let's stick our hands over our ears and yell louder. And I know that is not everyone on there. I am making a very broad statement, but with the vocal people there on the forums, that is how it comes across. The more tolerant and laid back players usually don't approach the forums. They know how bad it can get. All the people I ran with were fun and played well, but had maybe 10 posts on the forums. I was like that too, until I had that fateful idea.

I usually prefer typing to talking to others. I can think about what I am saying and make sure I don't come out sounding like a jerk. It doesn't always happen, but between the thoughts and the time it takes to type, I can usually control any nastier comments. Sometimes it can be hard to convey the right attitude with words, but for the most part, it works. In person though, when something upsets me, it can be harder for me to control myself and seeing reason is not a top priority.

You're right, board gamers can be very difficult to deal with. I'm right, you're wrong, let's argue the rules. Usually though, if you can point something out, at least rules wise, they might step back and right, ok, we're good. Lore wise though, that can get a bit uglier. I like to discuss lore and ideas with my gaming group. We don't always agree, but we get along even when we don't agree. Like you said, we don't have anything to prove.

And can I ask why you don't like the WoB storyline? I don't really like it for my own reasons. But I haven't done a lot of reading or research into it, so my opinions just might be based off of bias. However, if it is going to start an issue on here, you can just PM me your reasons, if you would like to share them.
02/01/18 04:44 PM

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On this board, I have seen some that did indeed look like they were slighted against some one. But without knowing the whole story, or what happened behind the scenes, I can not say for fact that nothing was done about the other side.
It is also probable that some did give more leeway to others. Before me getting here or after is the key.
But I have not really seen any say you can not civilly tell someone they are wrong about their opinions.
Just no personal attacks or implied mental lacking.
Some were more sensative to being told something then others.

The fact they have not learned a simple fact of don't start something you can't handle comes to mind.
As for the other forums, it is very probable that they have their trolls and zealots to attack anyone that says the emperor has no cloths.
The attitude of I pay this much to play this game, so I should be able to do as I like is one of the main reasons I had pay to play games. Lack of funds is the top of the list, but losing because I didn't spend 500 bucks this month on the game gets old quickly.
But some take it that it is their skills that did it, not the fact they just spent more.

As for the wob story line issue, there was a thread about it. Not sure if the subject was banned or not, but alot of things were wrong with it. Maybe if it wasn't banned restarting the thread might be an idea.
02/02/18 12:58 AM

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Wolf lord PM sent.

Ghostrider, you can read the older threads and see why the topic is a nuclear topic, there is no need to revive it because for many of us the dye was cast and too many things said for anything to change things.

Given time and plenty of paper, a philosopher can prove anything.
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