One-Shot Launchers, LRM / SRM Ammo Types

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03/02/18 05:39 PM

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What ammo can I put in a One-Shot Launcher? Can I put Swarm LRMs, or Tandem-Charge SRMs?

Can I use Artemis FCS or Narc Capable ammo, or Fragmentation SRMs?

I am aware of the limitations of Streaks, but I could hypothetically put Swarm OR Thunder LRM ammo in a standard LRM 5, so can I do it with a One-Shot LRM 5?

Thanks in advance!
03/02/18 06:52 PM

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Wasting tonnage

Rocket Launcher 20

1/2 the range of the LRM 5, for the same weight of the launcher itself and 4x the damage. As for the rules and hit values, I forget them exactly.

Rather than being linked to one or more one-ton ammunition bins, a one-shot weapon weighs an extra half-ton to represent the round inside it.

For an additional half ton, might as well carry a full ton of ammo for the standard weapon. If using specialty ammo, build the mech around carrying a ton of it to increase your mileage.

Boat rocket launchers if you want one shot launchers, according to the wiki if you LRM-5 + Artemis (as allowed) + .5 ton for the one shot ammo = 3.5 tons. Rocket Launcher 10 weighs .5 tons, for 3.5 tons you get 7 launchers. Cannot remember any particual one, but there where several mechs that carried many of them during the dark ages I think at least from what I read in the Sarna wiki.

But those are my opinions.
03/03/18 12:38 PM

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So, can I put special ammo in a One-Shot Launcher? Yes or no?
03/05/18 06:42 AM

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Sure, why not.
03/05/18 08:49 PM

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It is as Reiter said, One shot launchers designated with an (OS) after the launcher (LRM-5 (OS), SRM-2 (OS) follow all the typical rules associated with missile launchers. Artemis or Narc capable ammo requires an Artemis IV FCS equipped on the unit or a Narc Beacon Launcher equipped on the unit or friendly unit. Standard ammo or specialty ammo can be used in (OS) launchers, but can not take advantage of Artemis or Narc Systems.

The only requirement of OS launchers is that they be designated (OS) on the mech sheet and marked off when the shot is used. Ammo weighs .5 tons for the single round.

All in all, OS launchers are best for speciality ammo such as a single round of Inferno or Smoke missles. If you are going for damage, use the standard full ton of ammo.
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03/06/18 01:03 AM

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That's exactly why I wanted to know; as I designed a 'Mech around Rocket Launchers and One-Shot Launchers to specifically carry Thunder Ammo, Inferno, Fragmentation, Smoke, etc. It's an OmniMech I'll be posting later that has twin Shoulder Turrets to make full use of the firing arcs. I haven't finished all the variants yet and intend to do a full write up of it and some other 'Mechs soon.
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