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12/29/18 09:26 PM

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As a future GM for an under development Mechwarrior/A Time of War RPG campaign (which I will call “Giorgioverse” as a placeholder for my BattleTech, MechWarrior RPG, Alpha Strike, F2F, Hero Labs/Realms Work, Obsidian Portal, and Roll20 work in progress), below are open questions I am asking myself (and others) to generate ideas.

A) Campaign Development: In a Sci-Fi setting which such an extensive known lore, with lots of secrets already revealed, it is tempting to create an alternate timeline where a “key decision or event” didn’t happen, in order to create a new history or timeline, open to new storytelling possibilities.

A1) What are some “key decisions or events” in the years 3000-3040 that if something would have gone different, the history of the BT universe would have been altered, and would make for good storytelling opportunities? (For example, if the Helm Memory Core was not found in 3028…)

A2) If creating such an alternate history, how much information should the players know beforehand about how such a BT campaign differs from the “default” history or lore.

A3) In the 3025 era, what if a “Minor House or Power” could join with another to create a new power block and change the balance of power in a region? Whom would be reasonable candidates for this scenario?

A4) In the 3025 era, what if a “Great House or Power” absorbs a “Minor House or Power” by political, diplomatic, economic, or military means, and changes the balance of power in a region? Whom would be reasonable candidates for this scenario?

A5) What would be some good storytelling opportunities and challenges for a PC group to “wipe out a band of pirates” that is more than just blasting them with overwhelming firepower and better skilled pilots?

A6) In addition to all the new BT core rulebooks (for the boardgame and ATOW RPG line), what sourcebooks, if any, from any previous Mechwarrior RPG versions would make for good supplemental material for a 3025-era game?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
12/30/18 04:02 AM

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The Crossroads alt is online. That might give you some help with creating something.

Key decisions... First one would be Ian Davion not going to Harrows Sun where he died. He was Hanse Davion's older brother and prince of the FS before his death.
Several mech units came about, as well as the Dragoon solution. Had the clans not sent them, they would have invaded at that point.
Katrina deciding not to form the alliance that made the FC.
There is so many more that isn't even funny.

A3. Look at Rasselhague for that type of answer. All the states had someone wanting to leave or become the power in the area. Even comstar.
The 4th succession war would be a good place to look for inspiration on 3 and 4.

A5. some standard scenarios, like rescuing hostages, or maybe even defending areas against their attacks, then hunt them down.
Might be a relative that is part of the pirates, and you want to get them out of that line of work.
Your employer wants the pirates alive, so you have to do it a different way, other them blasting them. Which makes defending against them difficult. Might need to target limbs.
The overused line of the pirates were framed by one of the political entities that hired them, and now are on the run. I mean you are taking the intel and money from the person that accused them.
Maybe the group themselves are accused and have to find some evidence from a real pirate gang, meaning you can't burn down their base. Or one of the pilots knows the intel, but you don't know which one.
01/09/19 05:25 PM

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Thanks for starting off the replies; I am going to think about some points you bring up before I respond.
01/15/19 09:05 PM

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Personally, I would not change any history prior to the start time of your campaign. So if you start at 3025, keep the official history up to that point, and then have your players influence (and change) the history after that point. If you change the history before the start of the campaign, then you will have to let your players know that either everything they know (if they know the universe) is unreliable, or everything they find online (if they are new) isn't (or may not be) correct.

Those that know the universe are likely to not be interested because now they have to learn a new history, and those who are new might be turned off because now they can't look up background info (unless you are going to put all the desired background history on your OP site.)
01/15/19 09:53 PM

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That depends on how major of a change is done. Simply, having an unimportant world conquered before they start, shouldn't change much. It could well be the point for a campaign. Taking it back.

Now having something major, like comstar being conquered by one of the houses isn't advisable.
But introducing some of the League tech at this time, and having the prototypes installed in the players unit, or fighting against units with them, trying to get the tech for themselves could work.
I hated all the League caches and such having league mechs but no advanced tech when originally playing the game. You could change that in your game. Hell. Even getting a fully equipped Highlander would be more then a hassle. Only so many shots for the gauss rifle, then have to change out or find a way to make more. That could be said with any of the advanced tech, including streaks. 3025 did not have any supplies of them laying around. Unless you want to put some in caches..
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