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08/09/19 01:28 PM

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The latest post about an ICE engine in a mech that would flood if under water, gave me an idea of a new device.
An oxygen tank that would allow it to function for a certain amount of time.

Only the air intake should be open to the water, and that can be shut off, if you have an alternative.

Though thinking further about it, the Neptune sub in TRO3026 might be a better alternative.

Still. The tank for such a device, and length of time it can be used would be up for debate.

And yes. There will be times that you need it. One is an orbital drop, or crash landing in a body of water.
08/10/19 06:10 PM

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Isn't that ultimately what a Fuel Cell is?
08/10/19 07:25 PM

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Possibly. The sub came out long before the fuel cells did, and that would also support the vehicles using electric motors to move them along when not attached to an ICE.

As I don't have the rules for a Fuel Cell, I will need to look it up in the wiki.
But does the rules say it is an engine that doesn't need air?
Such as usable in a vacuum?

Ok. Just read the wiki, and it works on satellites, to should be used in a vacuum.
And it strongly suggests it provide energy to the motive system to run a unit. So yes. It does use other motors to move vehicles and such.
That means the ICE doesn't have to be a big to run a unit, as they could be hooked up to a 'generator' to provide power to those same motors.
Fuel cells are just a generator. Nice to know.

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08/13/19 06:09 PM

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The idea of putting a jump drive into a unit that can land gave me the idea of possibly having a star craft that the Star League's intel department could have come up with.
A small ship that can land, and the jump signature is small enough to avoid being detected or look like some back ground spikes.
This would allow their operatives to get on world without anyone knowing about it, and do their job. Even if they just halo jump, then come down and recover the agents. Even using a jet pack to allow the ship to 'scoop' up the flying agents.

Hell. It could be a rogue department or even one of the research/jumpship makers that have this, and not even the League knows. The original Star League.

Or maybe a little less dramatic, the ship that jumps uses shuttles to drop of the agents. That means the main ship wouldn't be the one landing, which is kind of boring.

Even the ships design could help hide the vessel, as it looks like an asteroid.
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