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01/21/02 02:25 PM

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What are the rules for RACs?
I don't have revised BMR and Maxtech, and I don't have the house books...
Thanks in advance!
I think, therefore you is.
01/21/02 08:59 PM

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Which I don't have, otherwise I wouldn't have asked ;)
I think, therefore you is.
01/22/02 06:51 AM

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Its also posted elsewhere in this forum...
01/22/02 06:52 AM

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RACs are super-ultra autocannons available in Class-2 and Class-5 sizes for the Inner Sphere alone (ignoring Mech Force UK rules for Clan RACs, which went up to RAC/20s and apparently formed the basis for those in the FM:FS).

RACs can fire at single rate (no jam on to-hit roll), double rate (jam on 2), quadruple rate (jam on 2-3), and sextuple rates (jam on 2-4), using appropriate SRM columns on the missiles hit chart to figure out how many shots hit.

Each shot that hits goes to a different location, except when using targeting computers and aimed/called/whatever shots.

The RAC/2 has a 1-6/7-12/13-18 range, minimum not recalled (may be 0). 8 tons, 3 crits, 1 heat per shot, 45 shots/ton.

The RAC/5 has a 1-5/6-10/11-15 range, no minimum. 10 tons, 6 crits, 1 heat per shot, 25 shots/ton.

As far as I recall, RACs can't use special ammo, just plain vanilla AC ammo.

RACs are munchy as all hell. The RAC/5 averages 20pts of damage at 15 range for 6 heat and a 16% chance of jamming per turn.
Mike Miller, Materials Engineer

Disclaimer: Anything stated in this post is unofficial and non-canon unless directly quoted from a published book. Random internet musings of a BattleTech writer are not canon.
01/22/02 09:11 AM

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Daaaaang them things are munchy
Thanks for the rules, now I know to avoid the things lol =D
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01/22/02 09:21 AM

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Yes, they're munchy, but they can be fun:

Originally a Shadowhawk and subsequently called many things based on famous battle footage, the family Shadowhawk rebuilt by George "The Beast" Wilson has earned its 15 minutes of fame and has more than a few armchair generals clammering for their nation's Shadowhawk factories to retool to build Wilson's version (usually referred to as the Rargh).

The Rargh will probably not be produced in large numbers by any houses other than Davion due to its monopoly of a key component: RACs. The Federated Suns probably won't build it in any large numbers, either, as the Rargh is entirely ammo-based, rather expensive, and a touch short-ranged for the 3060 battlefield. However, most mechwarriors agree it would be fun to test drive a Rargh.

55 tons
2.75 tons internal structure
7.75 tons 275 XL engine
Walking: 5
Running: 8
Jumping: 3
0 tons 10 DHS
3 tons gyroscope
3 tons cockpit
10.5 tons armor
20 tons 2x RAC/5 (RA/LA)
6 tons RAC ammo (LT)
.5 tons CASE (LT)
1.5 tons Jump Jets (CT/RT/LT)
Endosteel crits: 2 RL/LL/RA/LA, 8 RT
Both hand actuators present

The Rargh started out as a 3050-model Shadowhawk that was mangled in one of many raids against the Clans. It was recovered by its successful lance mates, but Wilson's father (who piloted the SHD in that battle) decided to retire after getting out of physical therapy. His son, George, was too young to pilot the SHD immediately, but that was fine. It gave Dad a chance to make a fortune with a computer business on New Avalon (funded by the black market sale of a Clan Pulse Large Laser, his share of the booty from the raid) and thus fund the reconstruction of the family mech by the time his son graduated from NAMA.

Signing on with his dad's merc unit (now serving with the DCMS), George got his first taste of combat when the Ghost Bears launched their attack on the Combine for the attack at Alshain. George earned his nickname, "The Beast," earned his mech a nicknamed, "The Rargh," and had his 15 minutes of interstellar fame for his exploits against da Bears.

George's first brush with combat was in the defense of a major city, and the legend of the Rargh begins here. The plan
formulated by the lance's lieutenant was to make hit-and-run attacks against the advancing assault star, using the merc mechs' (all mediums) greater mobility to pull this off. George, the green cadet, would be the last one to make such a hit and run attack so he could watch how the others pulled it off. One by one, the merc mechs would pop out of alleys and fire at the advancing star. In two cases, da Bears just turned and evaporated the insolent Spheroid (who were usually under 30 meters from 5 assault mechs). In the third case, George got to watch the lance's scout (an Assassin) burned down in mid-air as it jumped away from its not-so-clever ambush. George basically panicked when he discovered he was between half the city and a Ghost Bear assault star.

Paralyzed by fear but unable to flee, George watched as da Bears thundered past him toward the rear of the merc lines on the other side of the city. Finally, George found himself acting, even though it felt as if someone else was in control of his body. (His later retellings on talk shows and media interviews painted an entirely different picture, of course.) Battle ROMs indicate George was swearing and yelling incoherently when he stepped out behind the star of assault mechs.

In the opening salvo, George dropped the two rearmost Ghost Bear mechs, a Masakari and Gladiator, via a destroyed engine (ammo explosion and center torso critical hit) and a destroyed gyroscope respectively. Only 1 of 12 RAC bursts went astray. When George advanced, he stomped on the head of the still-twitching Gladiator and destroyed a confused Kodiak that was just figuring out something was behind it, again via engine damage. The fourth mech, a Thor, was quicker to turn but largely vented its fury on the buildings
around George while George managed another freakishly accurate salvo into the torso of the Thor that left the larger mech a burning wreck. The 38-second battle closed when George and the star's commander (in another Gladiator) exchanged fire over a low building. The hail of RAC fire shattered the Gladiator's cockpit.

Any veteran mechwarrior who has seen the battle ROMs knows "The Beast" was way out of his depth and riding on an incredible streak of luck. (Most telling is the additional 10 seconds of fire "the Beast" poured into innocent buildings behind the collapsing star commander's mech before realizing the fight was over. Either that or the half-hysterical yelling that the media likes to interpret as brave battle bellows.) However, it would take two more battles and 5 more destroyed Clan mechs before the Beast's winning streak ended.

In a fighting retreat to the merc unit's dropships two days later, the Beast and other mercs were hit by a Ghost Bear medium star, where the Beast's luck largely repeated itself. George simply waded into the middle of da Bears and blew the medium Clan omnimechs apart one by one. His rotary autocannons jammed after gunning down the third mech, so the out-of-control mechwarrior simply grabbed a Black Hawk's arm and beat the remaining Ghost Bear mechs into garbage. The Beast again continued to pummel his foes after the battle was over, pounding a Ryoken for half a minute before he responded to the calls from other mercs to calm down.

After a whirlwind publicity tour lasting several months, the now-famous Beast got to take part in a raid against Ghost Bear forces. Shortly after the orbital drop, the Beast and his company encountered Ghost Bear garrison mechs. The Beast charged the Rargh at a Masakari (prime) and was casually gunned down by the Clanner before ever getting within RAC range.
Mike Miller, Materials Engineer

Disclaimer: Anything stated in this post is unofficial and non-canon unless directly quoted from a published book. Random internet musings of a BattleTech writer are not canon.
01/22/02 11:17 AM

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MNCH-MSTA Munchmasta

Chassis: Unknown
Power Plant: Unknown 300 XL
Cruising Speed: 32.25
Maximum Speed: 53.75
Jump Jets: none
Jump Capacity: none
Armor: Unknown
4 Rotary AC/5s
1 ER Small Laser
Manufacturer: Unknown
Primary Factory: Unknown
Communications System: Unknown
Targeting and Tracking System: Unknown

MNCH-MSTA Munchmasta

Technology Base: - Inner Sphere - Level 3
Equipment Mass
Internal Structure: 10
Engine: 300 XL 9.5
Walking MP: 3
Running MP: 5
Jumping MP: 0
Heat Sinks: 14(28) - Double 4
Gyro: 3
Cockpit: 3
Armor Factor: 288 18

Internal Armor
Structure Value
Head 3 9
Center Torso 31 44
Center Torso(rear) 15
R/L Torso 21 30
R/L Torso(rear) 10
R/L Arm 17 30
R/L Leg 21 40

Weapons and Ammo Location Critical Tonnage
Rotary AC/5 LA 6 10
Rotary AC/5 Ammo LA 3 3
Rotary AC/5 LT 6 10
Rotary AC/5 Ammo LL 2 2
Rotary AC/5 Ammo RL 2 2
Rotary AC/5 RT 6 10
Rotary AC/5 RA 6 10
Rotary AC/5 Ammo RA 3 3
Rotary AC/5 Ammo CT 2 2
ER Small Laser H 1 0.5
I think, therefore you is.
01/22/02 12:15 PM

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Interesting Story. Keep up the good work.

BA Evans
01/22/02 12:53 PM

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sorry for some reason I am lazy today... is that a repost? or shoudl I read through all of it again? or both... hehe
01/22/02 12:57 PM

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Repost, yes.
Mike Miller, Materials Engineer

Disclaimer: Anything stated in this post is unofficial and non-canon unless directly quoted from a published book. Random internet musings of a BattleTech writer are not canon.
01/22/02 12:59 PM

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then I agree... It is a great story... I believe I said that last time as well...
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