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06/28/02 05:05 PM

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I was in Jax talking to a friend of mine, and he showed me a different game system which calculates damage differently.

I'm not sure where to start explaining it, but the basic idea is to achieve crits differently than just rolling for them.

See, it redefines the way damage is taken. For instance, if you take a laser hit, you score armor. If you take a missile hit, you blow up on the surface, and if you take an AC hit, you basically divot the armor.

Based on the way you have penetrated the armor, and the amount of previous penetration patterns on the armor, you determine if there was a critcal hit and what system was damaged by the hit.

Instead of having the standard 'Mech sheet, with it's Armor and Internal structure diagrams, you have a sheet with blocks which represent the different areas of a 'Mech.

Each block is drawn top down, with critical areas at the very top, followed by internal structure blocks, and at the very bottom, the armor blocks. Each "zone" therefore represents all the parts which you would find in a 'Mech...legs, arms, torsos (front, rear, center, Right and Left) and the head.

If someone hits your 'Mech, you would find the weapon pattern associated with the weapon which hit. Then you would mark off the pattern on the collection of blocks. If by some luck, your shot went into a previously created "hole", then you would further mark off blocks, working your way towards the top, and eventually into inner structure or a more critical system.

In this way, when the damage pattern hits a critical component you find if your 'Mech sustained a critical hit.

This system is used in other games already, but I was curious to get your (collectively) thoughts on such a system.

Remember, other than the different sheet and the new way of determining damage, the rest of the game remains the same.

I'd like to try it sometime (I haven't yet), because it seems to be a little more "armor damage" realistic.

Just to extend that thought...I wonder what a three-dimensional attempt at this would look like.
06/28/02 05:32 PM

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Sounds like the "RenegadeTech" rules people attempt now and then.
Mike Miller, Materials Engineer

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06/29/02 12:20 PM

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And you'll note that BattleSpace *cough*BT: Leviathan*cough* uses a good bit of that system.
-NathanKell, BT Space Wars
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06/30/02 08:48 AM

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It does make a lot of sense though. Would be funny to see how many mechs you can kill for every Heavy Gravtank you send out there
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My legions of terror will be trained in basic marksmanship. Any who cannot learn to hit a man-sized target at 10 meters will be used for target practice.
07/13/02 01:47 AM

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What's this? Someone else remembers Renagade Leagion?

(I actualy created a 3d Gravtank mesh and render... I may have to find it again and make more...)
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07/13/02 02:34 AM

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Well, you see, a perfectly fine summer day in 1991 or so a friend of mine happened on the Legionaire (sp?) RPG book in a used-books sale. We played the RPG for quite a while, and also picked up Interceptor, Centurion and Leviathan. Then came the day when the current ST moved to the city where he was to enter university studies, some 300 kilometers away from the rest of us. He took the game materiel with him, the bastard! Still hasn`t given them back.

Nah, the game was pretty much dead already by that time. Not because it was bad, although there were a few issues I objected to. Mostly it was because the ST was bad. He made adventures more like stories with a set-piece plot, and you weren`t allowed to deviate from it. Our characters were mostly just there to see how the NPCs handled things
I do remember one thing in the RPG system that really ticked me off: the stats went up to 20 for humans, but skills only went to 10. So someone with hight stats had an incredible advantage against anyone else, even if he had almost no skills in anything. Bad.
Advice for Evil Overlords:
My legions of terror will be trained in basic marksmanship. Any who cannot learn to hit a man-sized target at 10 meters will be used for target practice.
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