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08/15/02 04:13 AM

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Class/Model/Name: Exeter Class Destroyer Exeter
Tech: Inner Sphere / 3078
Vessel Type: WarShip
Rules: Level 2, Standard design

Mass: 610,000 tons
Frame: Moorhead Special
Power Plant: Doorman Naval HyPerOxStandard

Safe Thrust: 5
Maximum Thrust: 8
Armor Type: Lamellor Ferro-carbide
10 Heavy NPPC
20 Valiant Ballista LRM 20
8 NL55
240 Martell Medium Pulse Laser
80 Mydron Rotary AC/5
80 Poland Main Model A Gauss Rifle
60 Maxell Large Pulse Laser

Manufacturer: Bristol-Dulca ShipWorks
Location: Bristol
Targeting & Tracking System: Federated Hunter Type 3
The Exeter Class is a dependable and versatile design that reflects the
Federated Sun's strategy of multi-role vessels and mobile defense. The Exteter
has been used as an independant radier, though suitable for all manner of
missions, it excels at service with battleship squadrons and at system defense
against raiders.

Designed in 3057 by the mammoth Bristol-Dulca ShipWorks, the Exeter is
simultaneously a straightforward and successful multi-role military vessel and
also an oddity. The oddity is that it had it's origins in the hands of both
the Federated Suns Naval command and the politicans who run the Federated

It's sucesss have been trumpeted in the media but none as much as the initial
fevor over the political implications of the Exeter design.

The sole weakness of this vessel is it's lack of long range weapons, while
what it has is capabile of defending the vessel, the lack of more long range
fire power can become a problem during engagments with bigger vessels. This
weakness is made up in two areas, first the Exeter is very fast for it's size
and this allows the ship to move to engage the enemy on it's terms not theirs.
The second area that is there to off set the lack of long range fire power is
the large number of fighters the Exeter carries. These allow the ship to bring
the fight to the enemy or to help protect the ship in close combat.

The secondary weapons on the Exeter pack a healthy punch and allow the ship to
fight off enemy fighters and other smaller vessels.

==Battle History:==
Numerous skirmishes and running battles with pirate ships and CapCon raiders
have been the main stay of engagments fought by this class of warship.

Exeter Class ships is found through out the Federated Suns with the largest
number patroling along the Capllean Confederation border.

Class/Model/Name: Exeter Class Destroyer Exeter
Mass: 610,000 tons

Equipment: Mass
Power Plant, Drive & Control: 183,000.00
Thrust: Safe Thrust: 5
Maximum Thrust: 8
Kearny-Fuchida Hyperdrive: Compact (Integrity = 13) 276,025.00
Jump Sail: (Integrity = 4) 60.00
Structural Integrity: 113 68,930.00
Total Heat Sinks: 2,500 Double 1,851.00
Fuel & Fuel Pumps: 8,160.00
Bridge, Controls, Computer & Attitude Thrusters: 1,525.00
Fire Control Computers: 14,618.00
Food & Water: (400 days supply) 1,116.00
Hyperpulse Generator: 50.00
Armor Type: Lamellor Ferro-carbide (1,445 total armor pts) 1,379.00
Capital Scale Armor Pts
Location: L / R
Fore: 269
Fore-Left/Right: 240/240
Aft-Left/Right: 240/240
Aft: 216

Bay 1: Fighters (24) with 4 doors 3,600.00
Bay 2: Small Craft (5) with 4 doors 1,000.00
Cargo (1) with 2 doors 820.00

Grav Decks #1 - 2: (250-meter diameter) 200.00
Grav Deck #3: (600-meter diameter) 500.00
Grav Deck #4: (800-meter diameter) 500.00
Life Boats: 77 (7 tons each) 539.00
Escape Pods: 77 (7 tons each) 539.00

Crew and Passengers:
48 Officers (48 minimum) 480.00
139 Crew (119 minimum) 973.00
98 Gunners (98 minimum) 686.00
25 1st Class Passengers 250.00
25 2nd Class Passengers 175.00
50 Steerage Passengers 250.00
100 Marines 500.00
73 Bay Personnel .00

Weapons and Equipment Loc SRV MRV LRV ERV Heat Mass
2 Heavy NPPC Nose 30 30 30 30 450 6,000.00
20 LRM 20(204 rounds) Nose 24(240)24(240)24(240) -- 120 234.00
2 NL55 FL/R 11 11 11 11 340 4,400.00
60 Medium Pulse Laser FL/R 36(360) -- -- -- 480 240.00
20 Rotary AC/5(1200 rounds)FL/R 40(400)40(400) -- -- 240 520.00
2 Heavy NPPC FL/R 30 30 30 30 900 12,000.00
40 Gauss Rifle(400 rounds) L/RBS 60(600)60(600)60(600) -- 80 1,300.00
2 NL55 AL/R 11 11 11 11 340 4,400.00
60 Medium Pulse Laser AL/R 36(360) -- -- -- 480 240.00
20 Rotary AC/5(1200 rounds)AL/R 40(400)40(400) -- -- 240 520.00
2 Heavy NPPC AL/R 30 30 30 30 900 12,000.00
60 Large Pulse Laser Aft 54(540)54(540) -- -- 600 420.00
TOTALS: Heat: 5,170 610,000.00
Tons Left: .00

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost: 4,706,136,000 C-Bills
Battle Value: 138,767
Cost per BV: 33,913.94
Weapon Value: 114,698 (Ratio = .83)
Damage Factors: SRV = 6,330; MRV = 4,322; LRV = 1,742; ERV = 543
BattleForce2: Not applicable


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08/15/02 07:15 AM

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Fast, thicker armor than a McKenna, a lot of punch out its secondary weapons, *cheap* - good ship.
Mike Miller, Materials Engineer

Disclaimer: Anything stated in this post is unofficial and non-canon unless directly quoted from a published book. Random internet musings of a BattleTech writer are not canon.
08/23/02 03:15 PM

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Your bringing up Spinal Mounts in another post just gave me an idea: you have so many AF weapons (AF weapons *gooood*), why not juggle your arcs so that the naval weapons aren't unduly burdening your FCS tonnage (i.e. put most all naval weapons in (especially) Fore, then Aft, L/RBS and your AF weapons in the other arcs). That should save you oodles of tonnage.

Other than that--and that is, as usual, just a quibble, she looks like a nice ship, and very FS-y.
-NathanKell, BT Space Wars
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