First Beta of my mech unit table.

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09/14/02 09:10 PM

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I still haven't fixed the 0 problem but for those interested I made a spreadsheet that can have the mech's name, price, tonnage, bv, cv, maintenance value and modified bv (from typing in new gunnery and piloting skills) of mechs. To use it read through the quick description on the 3rd tab at the bottom. Also in the 3rd tab there are two more tables you can add (I left it with only the 3025/26 table on the second tab). Copy and paste the tables you want onto the second tab and then you MUST sort through ascending order or else the table will fail if you add anything. Currently I have only 3025/26 mechs, 3050 lvl1 mechs and 3050 lvl2 IS mechs as the three tables.

Just type in the variant name such as arc-2k to see how is works.

Feedback would be appreciated.

09/14/02 11:09 PM

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First, great work! (and mucho typing!)

Continuation in this thread of the OT one:
Found my problem...XL will apparently figure text is neither zero nor non-zero, so instead I put down
=IF(NOT(ISBLANK($B2)),VLOOKUP($B2,'Data Table'!$A:$G,2),"")

which is the "long-hand" version. That's from A2, but the principle will extend (especially with fill right ).
A couple suggestions I see right away:
1. Use the $ sign. The $ sign is your friend. It will make any revisions far easier (as well as removing a step from fill->right). I wish Excel would increment the VLOOKUP column when filling, though...
2. Use some system (i.e. change the background of the cell) to show which should be typed in and which have formulae. Like, say, fill all the formula'd cells light gray or something.

I can post the above, changed, somewhere if you want (I quick did it up).
-NathanKell, BT Space Wars
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09/14/02 11:46 PM

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I didn't know what the '$' sign meant until after I had done the earlier bit. I know what it means now but I was more interested with getting the whole thing to work and enter the data in ( I did it all while at work yesterday, 18 1/2 hours in one shift sort of left me with alot of time on my hands).

Thanks for the formulae it works except for one thing. Because no value is in E2, J2 (the final bv column) has the #value result now. I tried to if e2>0 that but it still remains in place. I left the rest of the cells with the 0 result and just the mech name clear, this still cleans it up alot so thanks.

As for your suggestion 2. That is something I was doing later, I would probably just lightly grey the Variant column and explain only enter data in the coloured cells rather than colour the rest (saves on ink in printers as well ).

09/14/02 11:55 PM

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I've updated the spreadsheet adding the grey areas (I greyed the gun and pil columns now and entered in the explanation of only entering in grey columns) and blanking the Mech Name column as well.

09/15/02 06:27 AM

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Added the 3055/58 Level 1 mech table (8 entries including Mackie) and the 3055/58 Level 2 IS mech table (121 entries I think). This is the last of the entries that can use Combat Value as far as I can tell (not that it would worry most of you but it does me).

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