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09/19/02 04:33 PM

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I don't know if anyone was interested or not, but I happened to check on the new MW4 website and they list the mechs that you can pilot. Some that I am interested in are the Templar and Hauptman, also the clan Puma and Hellhound. It is nice to see that we are finally getting some variety. Plus you can use the two mech packs as well. Before anybody freaks and says that I am selling out to Microsoft, this is going to be the first MW pc game that I will own. I have played MW2 Mercs and MW4 once or twice before, but it was at a friends house or at my nephews. I realize that the new game has the "hardpoints" that only allow certain weapons, and is not related to the table top game that we know and love, but I still think it will be a fun way to play. I won't stop playing table top, in fact the first software that I am buying is going to be HVMPlus or Pro. I just wanted to get people's opinion of the new offering. PS this is my first new personal computer in a long time. I use a pc at work, which is how I participate here and at CBT, but the last pc I owned was an Amiga 1000, so I am a few years out of date.
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09/19/02 09:33 PM

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It's MW4.

I don't like MW4.

Thus I won't play.
-Bob (The Magnificent) Richter

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09/20/02 11:34 AM

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What don't you like about MW4? I don't want to buy a crap game. Do you like MW2 Mercs? I used to play that alot when I was in college. I thought it was ok for the time. You could actually modify the mechs the way you wanted. Bob, did you ever try MW3? Would that be more worthwhile a purchase? What do you think about Mechcommander2? Thanks for your input!!
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09/20/02 02:47 PM

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As a stand alone single player game none of the MW4 family is particularly gripping. Replayablility is very low. Personally, I gripe about the game all of the time, but I play several times a Online play is MW4's strong suit. Get in a unit and meet people and have a blast. Just don't expect to play battletech. Expect to play a big shooting robots sim. The game is undeniably based in the battletech universe put does not play at all like you might invision a battletech sim would.

I believe there is still a demo out for MW4 vengence and/or black night, give them a try. Mercenaries is rumored to have been tweaked to balance some things out. But that remains to be seen, as no one has played it. Mercs is suppose to be more fun with more options, multiple endings and new map concepts we haven't seen before, like jungle. So maybe that will make the replayability better.

Mercenaries should be a new stand alone and I saw a release date of Nov 7. To be fully online with MW4 today you have to by Vengence, Black Night and both 'Mech Packs. I would say you don't want to spend that much money with the release of Mercs so close.

I like MW 3 better as a battletech sim. But I have been told that it does not run on Windows NT, and thereby XP. It only runs on 95,98,Me. There may be a patch or something I don't know about. But chances are you will have compatability problems with it.

MechCommander 2 was entertaining and I have played it several times, though never online. But it is fun in an arcade game kind of way. It does not require serious strategy for the most part. It is expandable beyond the orginal. People have written several new campaigns that can be downloaded, as well as tweaks to the game.

So from a battletech point of view the games do, admittedly, blow chunks. But the game's vast success among the battletech ignorant is a testement to the fact that many people find them fun to play.

09/20/02 03:25 PM

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I have mechwarrior 3 on XP. If you are having difficulties (like the scrolling background claiming all CPU time), choose to run the main program in 98 compatibility mode.

More details available at request.
09/20/02 03:52 PM

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Thanks, I was concerned about older programs and their compatibility with XP.
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09/20/02 03:55 PM

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Thanks for the info! I used to play MW2 Mercs in college and I realize that none of the MW games truly represent BT. I have seen many people talking about playing table top BT online, but I can't recall where or when I read about it. I know it was either here or at CBT. I don't think it was a program, just some thing that had maps and icons, and you would IM your moves back and forth. Any ideas? Thanks again!
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09/21/02 01:18 PM

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Methinks you're looking for megamek, then. It's basically the board game in all its glory, on the PC. As a board game, not as first person sim.

Guess the best starting point would be, for the .NET version of it. It's basically the normal megamek plus a sort of an overgrown chat room where you can arrange matches against people all over the world.
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09/21/02 01:24 PM

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MW3 works with Win2K and Service Pack 2, at least for me. I know this because I bought MW3 for only $10 in a bargain bin and ran it on my box with Win2K using SP2. I dunno if SP3 makes it not work anymore yet; I just got SP3 yesterday. My qualms about MW3 is that it feels really, um, dull and repetitive. But that is another issue entirely.
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09/21/02 05:15 PM

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Thanks, I couldn't remember the name!!
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09/28/02 07:46 AM

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