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10/15/02 09:50 PM

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Okay, a buddy of mine is interested in investing his hard-earned money in a mecha-bashing video game. Which should he buy and why?

MechWarrior 3 (PC)
MechWarrior 4 (PC)
Robotech:Battlecry (PS2)

Comments? Ideas? Rebuttal?
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10/20/02 07:25 PM

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I would recomend him getting RoboTech: Battlecry. I have seen screen shots of MW4 and am not to impressed by it. I have also seen my friends play BC and am quite impressed with it. The overall graphic quality and playability is great. The only drawback is the same in many other games, any comrades on your team always seem to walk in front of your gun when you fire.
10/23/02 05:23 PM

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I'd go with MW3. It should be a Platinum game by now, costing only $10. Cheap.

As well as being the cheapest option, I've played MW3 and MW4. MW$'s 'Mech design style and combat interface was hard to get used to, and forced you to fight in a particular style to get anywhere. I found this manipulation of my personal style to be annoying and a little stifling. The load times are also shocking; more than once, I felt like using the keyboard to smash in my monitor. Add to that the incredibly unlikely scenario (you arrive on Kentares IV with a Shadow Cat and some friends, then take out two elite Steiner regiments that have somehow obtained Nova Cat OmniMechs days after their deployment by Clan Nova Cat, as well as Mad Cat Mark IIs which the Diamond Sharks have yet to build, but hey) and unwiledy command interface, and you've got troubles.

MW3 likewise has an unlikely scenario (a single ELH Lance destroys an entire Smoke Jaguar Galaxy) the design and combat style are closer to the BT system. And the game is actually fun to play. You've probably heard of the tweaker min/maxers out there who pilot a Shadow Cat equipped with a gazillion ER Small Lasers and go legging, but I found that ER Large Lasers and long-range leg sniping was the way to go

I have not played or seen Robotech: Battlecry; odds are it won't ever be released down here (Australia). However, if it's PS2 games you're looking for, get a copy of Tekken Tag Tournament if you do not already have one. And avoid Tekken 4 like the *PLAGUE*. Evil. Pure evl. The timing is wrong, Jin Kazama has lost all his good moves, and the combat style centers around getting your opponent up against a wall ASAP and pounding them down.

Oh, and if you own an X-Box: get a copy of Hunter: The Reckoning. That game is the most fun I have had in a long time

Sorry about the rambling.
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10/24/02 11:21 PM

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I would go with MW3 if you want a Battletech type of game.
Robotech:Battlecry is a great and fun game if your just looking for mecha shoot-em-up games.
Personally I just got a XBox and waiting for my pre-release of Mech Assault to come in.
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11/01/02 11:51 PM

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I'd like to toss my two cents here as well.

I haven't seen or played MW4. I've played through MW3, and while the premise isn't totally believable, it plays rather well. The worst part is the lance-command interface, which is utterly atrocious. And it irked me severely when Alan, Epona, or Dominic would balk at attacking some target, even when all three were going to gang up on one target. Is this a military unit you're in?

That being said, -if- you can find a copy of Starsiege, you'll enjoy it. It's the predecessor to Tribes, and it's an amazingly fun non-BT mech game. It does use hardpoints (so you can't mount a gazillion weapons) and the strategy can be different from BT (as the mechs have shields -- eek!) but it's still a blast. The lance-command interface is also absolutely wonderful -- you can target a mech, hit one key to get your lancemates' attention, and hit another to send all three against the hapless target in a dogpile maneuver. All without even slowing down or stopping your firing on said target.

Even better, Starsiege has two campaigns: the humans (the good guys) and the Cybrids (a robotic race that wants to wipe out humanity). So you get to play from both sides of the conflict, a la MW2.

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11/04/02 08:58 PM

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well heres the breakdown (acording to me)

MW3- good game, follows the traditional Btech game nicely. camapigns a bit rough in spots and I find AI teammates usless (then again, that happens wth any game I play) graphics are 3D but colouring is a bit off (miles and miles of green/darkgreen pixles! AHHHH!!!!). instant action sux. never played multi player.

MW4- for a biginer and a someone with a good computer. graphics are better than 3. the arming system is rough with those who are used to tradiitonal Btech. also the gameplay is slow. takes too long to kill something which can only be done with multitudes of lasers or 2 carefully placed AC/20 shots. to those who play Btech or any of the previous games, this version is annoying to play.

Robotech:Battlecry- heard of it. never played but hard of it.
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11/12/02 09:58 PM

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I vote for MW3 simply because it's the only one I've played, although the jump jet useage in the pirate's moon expansion thats bundled with it is frustrating and MW3 needs a patch to get past mission 2 it's still good fun to just beat the crap outta any mech dumb enough to get in your way... that ant tank humting heh good fun! The Instant action option is also kinda fun for a few reasons, first you get to hone your skills, get practice with team members and consequently push the limits on mech customization... heh can you say Annihilator with dual AC/20s? and enough back up weapons to actually live to get close enough to use 'em?

Consequently anyone know where I can get the MW3 patch? mission two is driving me up the wall both bad karam and this site's links to it are non funtional, and micropose seems to not even keep a site up for MW3
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