Mechwarrior III confusion

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11/06/02 11:33 PM

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Feh is just me or is the astounding lack of support for MW3 just a plain bad sign, I mean the game does have a couple..strange bugs like the jumping apcs, getting stuck below the terrain and, jump jets....*sigh* jump jets, what a PAIN they are... I've died falling off cliffs due to them more times then I can count... In any event anyone know something about this game I've missed?
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11/07/02 12:26 AM

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I'm not certain, but I'm wondering if it has something to do with OS changes or processor speed.

See, MW3 works dandy on my old P2-233 running Windows 95. Minor slowdown issues (rare though) and I've finished the game repeatedly. When I tried to put it on my new Dell (P4-2.53gHZ, running WinXP), I started having problems.

The 'jumping APCs'. This was a TOTALLY new bug for me, and it caught me off guard. All I could think was 'WTF? Who gave Kangas to the Clans?'. When I hit the second mission, I was screwed, though, because it calls for you to destroy two missile turrets -- except one is evidently nonexistent, although it still shows up on your radar. Targeting puts a red triangle around, um, nothing in the turret housing area. No, shooting that area doesn't work either.

Yes, this was with the latest patch, too. Sad.

That being said, though, I picked up MW4, MW4: Black Knight, and MC2 in a pack together. MC2 is fun -- it reminds me of the old Battletech CCG, except it doesn't suck. Some damned nice animation and effects.

MW4, though, is a PAIN. The hardpoint system makes me want to scream -- yes, I know, there were issues in MW3 involving folks with fifty ER small lasers, but this is a crappy solution. It's actually MORE of a pain than the Starsiege hardpoint system is. See, Starsiege hardpoints are limited by size and number only -- usually 2, 4, or 6 hardpoints, of varying sizes (small, medium, large, XL). MW4 takes that to new extremes with limited hardpoints in varying sizes with varying 'types'. Good God almighty, just force the concept of 'carry different weapons' down our throats or something, huh?

You cannot 'kneecap' Mechs any more, either (i.e., remove their leg) as in MW3. One word: GHEY. Now you must either try for an oh-so-rare head shot, or just pound your way through the torso and turn the Mech into scrap. Look, the whole 'survive on one leg' bit in MW2 was lame then, it's lame now. Have a nice day.


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11/08/02 02:43 AM

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Thats what I was thinking about the APCs. I was sitting there watching 'em bounce and spin thinking. "The clanners musta had good weed or the gamedesigners deffinately did" I mean it's funny to watch in a way.. and it does make you a better [censored] trying to get 'em in midair.
Just the same... Got any idea where to get the patch, the missile turret is driving me nuts well that and the difficulties of jumpjets... I swear... I've fallen over in my centurion so many times its torso probably is flatter then a tank that jus got stepped on by a masakari.
"Hah! nothing says hello like a freshly removed limb, 'specially if that limb was attached to a clan masakari, and your modified annihilator just did the elective surgery.." -Steelrain
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