Prince of Havoc Scenarios - The Great Refusal, can anyone verify these?

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07/07/04 06:32 PM

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All right, reading through the book, I'll see what I can come up with, gunnery skills are completely arbitrary, as are Names (Unless mentioned, names are taken from random generators, unit names are simply what seemed appropriate):
07/07/04 07:06 PM

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The next terrain image flashed to life. The holograph showed a mountainous region with a lake in its center. Victor couldn't tell if he was looking at the broken-down remains of an old volcano, or just a mountain that had been savaged by millennia of weather, but outcroppings of rock and boulders dotted the landscape.
"This is Zhaloba Mountain, which the Jade Falcons will defend. We know their troops are prety sharp, thanks to the training the got on Coventry. The personnel records appended to the Falcon date indicaed that all the warriors they will deploy against us did serve on Coventry, including Marthe Pride. I want a crack unit to go after them. I was thinking, Precentor Martial, of using elements of your 394th division."
Focht nodded "I will inform Precentor Harvison to prepare his people."

Comstar vs. Clan Jade Falcon

The attacker consists of volunteer elements of the Comstar 394th division present on Strana Mechty.

Comstar Forces (Righteous Sword III-Alpha):

Defenders of the Faith II-Alpha
Precentor VII Harris Harvison (2/2)
BL-6-KNT Black Knight
Adept Santino Andolini (3/3)
SPT-N2 Spartan
Acolyte Carey Rion (4/2)
BL-6-KNT Black Knight (Lost to hip failure, can not participate in battle)
Adept Elwood Espesito (3/3)
GRM-R-PR29 Grim Reaper
Demi-Precentor Gaetano Perinciolo (2/3)
EXC-B2 Excalibur
Adept Carolina Luciani (3/2)
EXC-B2 Excalibur

Lance of Redemption II-Alpha
Demi-Precentor Julius Havanna (2/3)
ST-8A Shootist
Adept Keila Debarros (2/3)
BL-6-KNT Black Knight
Demi-Precentor Silvia Mauro (2/4)
SPT-N2 Spartan
Adept Antonio Corleone (1/2)
ST-8A Shootist
Acolyte Giovanni Zecchin (2/3)
GRM-R-PR29 Grim Reaper
Adept Alfredo Viviani (3/3)
QKD-5M Quickdraw

The defender consists of elements of Marthe Pryde's Turkina Keshik, along with several volunteers.

Clan Jade Falcon Forces (The Turkina Keshik)

Alpha Command Star
Khan Marthe Pryde (1/1)
Summoner PRIME
Warrior Erik Malthus (2/2)
Night Gyr C
Warrior Grant (1/3)
Night Gyr B
Warrior Wallace (3/2)
Summoner C
Warrior Zoltan (3/3)
Summoner B

Bravo Battle Star
saKhan Samantha Clees (2/1)
Warrior Catherine Pryde (3/1)
Turkina B
Warrior Eckhard Chistu (2/2)
Black Lanner A
Warrior Felicia (2/2)
Black Lanner C
Warrior Arimas (2/2)
Turkina B


This battle takes place on an inclined hill, a lake at the top, with the Jade Falcons defending the high ground. (No specific mapsheets will be set)

The battle is over when one side surrenders or is utterly destroyed. There is no partial victory, this battle is for the fate of the Inner Sphere.


Clan Jade Falcon abides by Clan honour rules, and will not break them under any circumstances.

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07/07/04 07:12 PM

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Looks OK so far.

One thing about Command Structure, though- the commander of a Lance or Star is always the highest-ranking member of it. Marthe Pryde and Samantha Clees would have taken 4 other Clansmen of Warrior rank into battle with them; in addition to their duties as Clan Khans, they are the Star Captains for their own Trinaries and the Star Commanders of their own Stars.
Yea, verily. Let it be known far and wide that Nightward loathes MW: DA. Indeed, it is with the BURNING ANIMUS OF A THOUSAND SUNS that he doth rage against it with.
07/07/04 07:19 PM

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Fair enough, thanks for the input. I didn't really put any thought into it frankly hehe

EDIT: Okay, changes in place, next up Wolves vs. St Ives

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07/07/04 08:21 PM

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Jerrard Cranston hit a button on his noteputer, and the display shifted to shot an area with a few rolling hills, but otherwise clear terrain.
"This is the Kawlm District the Wolves want to defend." Victor pointed a hand at the display. "As you can see, it is very open and favors their extended-range weapons. What I would like to do is throw a fast force against them, one they've not seen before, and one that can chew them up. Kai, I was thinking you might build a company out of your St. Ives Lancers to take them."

St. Ives Lancers vs. Clan Wolf

The attacker consists of elements of the 1st St. Ives Lancers present on Strana Mechty.

St. Ives Forces (1st St. Ives Lancers):
NOTE: The St. Ives Force does not follow traditional Military doctrine in its organization.

Alpha Lance
Duke Kai Allard Liao (0/0)
Stormcrow B
Sergeant Li Bai (3/3)
RVN-3L Raven
Corporal Jonathan Wong (4/2)
RVN-3L Raven

Bravo Lance
Colonel Adele Tsang (2/3)
PLG-3Z Pillager
Master Sergeant Terrance Hung (4/2)
PLG-3Z Pillager
Sergeant Aaron Wong (3/3)
PLG-3Z Pillager

Charlie Lance
Captain Ryan Pham (2/2)
CTF-3L Cataphract
Master Sergeant Katherine Lee (3/2)
CTF-3L Cataphract
Corporal Sang Wei (2/4)
CTF-3D Cataphract
Lieutenant Raymond Cheung (2/3)
BJ-2 Blackjack
Sergeant William Yuen (3/2)
BJ-3 Blackjack
Sergeant Eric Teng (3/3)
BJ-2 Blackjack

The defender consists of elements of Khan Vlad Ward's Golden Keshik and saKhan Marialle Radick's Silver Keshik.

Clan Wolf Forces (The Golden Keshik)

Alpha Command Star
Khan Vlad Ward (2/0)
Timber Wolf PRIME
Warrior Tamar (2/2)
Warrior Eridan (2/3)
Ice Ferret D
Warrior Van Radick (2/2)
Nova B
Warrior Corran Sender (2/3)
Gargoyle PRIME

Bravo Command Star
saKhan Marialle Radick (2/1)
Gargoyle A
Warrior Mireille Conners (3/1)
Ice Ferret A
Warrior Adrienne Carns (2/3)
Ice Ferret PRIME
Warrior Lucius (2/2)
Nova C
Warrior Decimus (3/3)


This battle takes place over a wide expanse of rolling hills with sparse foliage. The Wolves may pick which side they enter from, and the Lancers must take the opposite deployment edge.


The battle is over when one side surrenders or is utterly destroyed. There is no partial victory, this battle is for the fate of the Inner Sphere.


Clan Wolf abides by Clan honour rules until they are broken by the Lancers. In addition, no Wolves may fire on Kai Allard Liao's Stormcrow unless Vlad Ward's mech is destroyed.

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07/07/04 10:58 PM

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Hohiro rested his hands on his thighs and smiled as the other warriors bowed to him. They made their bows low and held them out of respect for him. He returned the gesture, not going quite as deep as they had, but holding it just as long. He meant to show them respect, and to inject some solemnity into their meeting.

He straightened up. "This is a good day to meet an enemy. The clouds are present not to shield us from the sun, but to shield the sun from us. It would be jealous of the brilliance we will display on the battlefield. When warriors gather to recount tales of battles won, they will revel greatly in the own victories, but someone will say, 'Yes, but if only we had been at Neegdye, fighting the Blood Spirits.' "

1st Genyosha vs. Clan Blood Spirit

The attacker consists of elements of the 1st Genyosha present on Strana Mechty.

Draconis Combine Forces (1st Genyosha):

Ichi Detachment
Tai-sa Hohiro Kurita (1/1)
Daishi PRIME
Sergeant Takasuima Nerii (3/2)
NDA-1K No-Dachi
Corporal Teruo Katsumoto (3/3)
NDA-1K No-Dachi
Corporal Jotaro Ujio (2/3)
AKU-1X Akuma
Corporal Risako Matsuzawa (3/1)
DGR-3F Dragon Fire

The defender consists of elements of Khan Karianna Schmitt's Blood Guard Keshik.

Clan Blood Spirit Forces (The Blood Guard Keshik)

Alpha Command Star
Khan Karianna Schmitt (2/0)
Blood Kite
saKhan Troy Boques (2/1)
Battle Cobra B
Warrior Matthius (2/3)
Kingfisher C
Warrior Jason Keller (1/2)
Kingfisher A
Warrior Norris (3/3)
Crossbow A


This battle takes place in a maze of ravines and hills, with heavy foliage. The Blood Spirits may begin with each of their mechs hidden, after which the Draconis Combine player may choose his starting edge.


The battle is over when one side surrenders or is utterly destroyed. There is no partial victory, this battle is for the fate of the Inner Sphere.


Clan Blood Spirit abides by Clan honour rules until they are broken by the Genyosha. If the Genyosha break zellbrigen the Blood Spirits become enraged and may not surrender

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07/07/04 11:32 PM

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So anyways I'm done those three for now and working up Jaguars and Revenants, but looking through the book that's about all I'm given. Anyone interested in a little collective brainstorming? This is what I know:

FWL vs. Star Adder
This battle takes place in a swampy Area. The adders have at least one point of elementals and several light mechs. Star Adders take the field.

CapCon vs. Fire Mandrill
All that is known is that one star of the Mandrills are Warden and one star are Crusaders. The Mandrills surrender after taking heavy damage.

FRR vs. Hell's Horses
The Horses have one star of armour and infantry instead of a star of Mechs. They begin to win the battle until the FRR commander rallies her troops and leads them to victory.

Nova Cat vs. Ice Hellions
As far as the text seems to state, in addition to the binary of mechs, The Ice Hellions also field a point of Aerospace Fighters. In addition, Trent fights for Clan Nova Cat. Both Nova Cat Khans die, but the Nova Cats win the battle.

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07/08/04 01:34 AM

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With the skills of the Clansmen- especially the Khans- remember that the default for Green is 5/6, Regular 4/5, Veteran 3/4, and Elite 2/3. I'd really reccommend changing the piloting and gunnery levels to those defaults, ensuring that the pilot of each 'Mech has skills within 1 point of each other.

For the Clans, Green is 4/5, Regular 3/4, Verteran 2/3, Elite 1/2. I think SaKhans and Galaxy Commanders would posses hyper elite skills and be 0/1 pilots, and at least a few of the Khans should be 0/0 pilots.

Phelan Kell shot Kai-Allard out of his 'Mech at the same tame Kai shot Phelan down. I'd rate both of them the same- 0/0. We also know that Vlad Ward has pasted Phelan in the past, and dished out the pain to Clan Jade Falcon's best. I'd also rate Vlad Ward as a 0/0 pilot. Finally, Khan Scmitt of the Spirits is supposed to be a very hot hand in a 'Mech, easily the best the Spirits have ever produced. Given the brutality of Spirit training and thus their expertise in the field, Karianna should also easily be a 0/0 warrior.

For the two battles so far, I'd say they're pretty unbalanced. The Wolf scenario favours the St. Ives compact by fielding 'Mechs that are decidedly sub-par to their counterparts. I'd reccommend shifting the Gargoyles to their Alpha configs and adding some more Ice Ferrets to the unit- probably in place of the Novas.

For the Blood Spirits battle, the DCMS will be shoveling the proverbial uphill to even compete in that encounter. The Spirit 'Mechs are all vicious, and having them set up in hiding seems uneccessarily brutal. I'd suggest they not deploy in hiding.
Yea, verily. Let it be known far and wide that Nightward loathes MW: DA. Indeed, it is with the BURNING ANIMUS OF A THOUSAND SUNS that he doth rage against it with.
07/08/04 01:40 AM

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Well as for the distribution of skills, I based my numbers mainly off of the twilight of the clans scenario pack, which gives individual skills for each, and as for the mech configurations those are taken straight out of the novel. As for skill, I haven't tested out the scenarios fully yet, once I do that I can account for any differences in technology with skill, after all while these are the best of the best of the clans, as proven in the books and as described, the best of the best of the inner sphere is just as good if not better.
02/12/05 07:26 PM

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Brandx0: I LOVE these details! I've been putting together the same fights for my group to play this year, and I was going through the same collation to build each fight.

Did you ever write-up the Victor S-D vs. Jags fight? I'd love to compare notes.

Like you, I'm having trouble finding any info on the other fights. I have to put together the Marik vs. Star Adder fight, and the Liao vs. Fire Mandrill fight. Did you have any luck finding out more? Did anyone else?

02/25/05 03:28 PM

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I unfortunately had zero luck finding other info, and I never really got a chance to finish writing up SJ vs Victor.
05/19/09 11:21 AM

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