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05/03/08 09:51 AM

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I don't like the name, so any other suggestions are welcome at this point. Designing lvl1 95 tonners got me going, and here is another one. Not meant to be entered in the tournament, as that has already started, but just for fun. i design all my stuff in TDB cauuse it is easy, and free.
95 tons IS lvl1

move 3/5
Armor 17 tons
RT/LT- 30/9
Weapons and Ammo
Autocannon20-LA (no hand or lower arm actuator)
Medium Laserx4-LT

Still thinking about fluff at this time.
One by one, the rabbits are stealing my sanity.....
05/07/08 04:58 PM

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Aww! This would have added some short-range spice to the competition! Maybe call it the Habanero
05/08/08 06:39 AM

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Reminds me of the old Tech 1 Atlas, the one with the AC20/LRM20 loadout.

How about downsizing or dropping the LRM15 and then adding some jumpjets?
Evolve or DIE!
05/08/08 11:43 AM

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Man, my brother in law eats those things raw. Ugh. I thought about calling it the Blackfoot. no idea really why, I just like the sound of it atm. I think with the addition of the PPC, it may take the better of a lvl1 Atlas.
One by one, the rabbits are stealing my sanity.....

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05/12/08 11:01 AM

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Raw? That would be one BIG slice of sashimi...

How does the heat factor look on this design?
Evolve or DIE!
05/12/08 11:57 AM

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he eats Habaneros raw, not an Atlas...but anyhoo...with 20 single heatsinks, a competent pilot would have a hard time overheating this beast. for long range one could move and fire the PPC and LRMs at the same time and not overheat. come in closer, and you have all four medium lasers for twelve heat at the same time with the AC/20. I think sustained fire at short range could be an issue if one is not careful.
One by one, the rabbits are stealing my sanity.....
05/21/08 07:37 AM

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here is a bit of Fluff for the mech, now dubbed the Blackfoot. Train, train....get me on out of this town..

"...And entering from the opposite side of the arena, John "Fang" Stonkin, the man himself, here to set the record straight!"
2nd announcer" That's right, Mark. Fang appears to be piloting a custom assault machine. Course, I guess you can drive whatever you want when you own your own mech production facility."
1st announcer “ Too true Bill, too true. And it seems Faust is following suit with his own custom machine. Both mechs weigh out at 95 tons. This will be an interesting match indeed.”

John swung his 95 ton Blackfoot around to face the crowd and raised both arms in salute to the crowd. Emblazoned across the barrel chest of the solid black machine was a gold double eagle aquila, and on the right shoulder baffle was the word "Exterminatus" in gold. A gold roman numeral VII was on the left shoulder. The salute had the desired effect on the audience as they screamed back in response, ready for the blood sport to begin. Stonkin then turned back around towards the direction his opponent would most likely come from.

The Blackfoot was actually an ancient design from Ground Zero's glory days in the time of the SLDF. The original blueprints called for a potent mix of long range salvos and short range obliteration. There were still about a half dozen or so of the original machines operational, and John had chosen one of them for upgrade specifically for this fight.

John was normally tolerant of the bickering and infighting between his Stonkin Mechs, Inc stable/co-op and the other more well known stables of the Solaris VII circuit. A little healthy rivalry was good for business. But this time the competition had gone too far. Early on, it had been the Vampires out in the Reaches. His son John had settled that debacle easily, putting down every thug they set against him in and out of the arena. This time, it seemed a rising Marik backed stable was willing to bite off more than they could swallow. The normal taunts and challenges both in and out of the public eye Stonkin Senior cold deal with. Espionage and attempted murder was something else entirely. His youngest son and wife were still in critical care, and his oldest had to practice walking all over again. But he knew who did it. He knew. He just did not know why.

He had traced the assassins to this stable. Whether they actually were Marik or not, he was not sure. All indicators pointed to something else. It had taken weeks of investigation and a clandestine assault utilizing the secret GZT Foray battle armor, but he had found all he needed to know. This stable was hiding the would be killers, and this pilot was one of them. He issued challenge after challenge, but got no response. Finally all it took was one duel to set this confrontation up. That time, he had left his opponent’s brother (cousin maybe?) dead in a burned out hulk, ending that fight in record time. John wasn’t sure of the actual relation, but when it was family, that was what mattered. Within hours, he had the response he was looking for. Now here they stood in The Factory. He flicked on his external speaker and spoke to his opponent.

“I know who you are, and I know what you tried to do. Now, I will end you.” There was a brief static hiss as the comm was closed. The opposing mech seemed to howl, then charged through the wreckage strewn arena straight towards Exterminatus. PPCs and lasers stabbed out at Fang’s mech. The onlookers may not have recognized his opponent’s mech, but John did. It was a Siren, another of Ground Zero’s forgotten designs. How Faust had come by it, John didn’t know. But he did know how to beat it.

The Siren’s PPCs both hit, one on the right arm, the other on the left leg. One medium laser carved a glowing line across Exterminatus’ lower torso. John held his fire. More lasers lanced out, burning crisscross designs into Stonkin’s armor. Still he held his fire. The Siren was almost upon him.

At the last moment when it seemed the two machines would collide, Fang hit his jump jets and rocketed over the mech barreling towards him. He turned in mid air to land pointing the autocannon in the left arm at the back of the Siren. Faust attempted to twist around in mid step, but his mech was thrown off balance. He might have been able to recover had Fang not hit the trigger. The large caliber slugs slammed into the right side of the Siren, causing it to complete its spin and then land face down in the dirt. Fang followed up with a steady stream of missiles from the dual short range launchers and medium lasers. Explosions wreathed the Siren in smoke and fire.

Faust was able to stand his damaged mech up in short order and turned to return fire. Fang did not give him the chance. As the Siren’s PPC coils lit up and discharged their energy, another blast from the AC/20 slammed into its chest. Faust staggered back, his laser shots going wild. Fang followed up with the pulse laser and more missiles. Colored light stuttered up the right side of the stricken Siren as explosions bloomed around its head and torso.

Lasers reached out through the thick smoke to slag away more armor from Exterminatus. Suddenly the haze parted as the Siren charged again. This time, John met him head on. He swung his mech’s right fist in a massive uppercut, crumpling the Siren’s remaining chest armor. The Siren’s momentum carried it forward, driving the fist into its engine. Exterminatus staggered back as the Siren backed away, armor and smashed components dribbling out of the hole in its chest. The Siren ignited its own jumpjets in an attempt to put distance between it and the offending Blackfoot mech. Fang was having none of that.

Exterminatus shot out its giant right hand again, grabbing the ankle of the ascending Siren and pulling down as hard as Fang could make it. Red warning lights lit up the cockpit as myomers were stretched and pulled past their thresholds. The Siren came crashing back down in an undignified heap. Fang walked Exterminatus forward and crunched down on the left ankle of the prostrate mech. Faust fired all his machines weapons at his approaching doom. Waves of heat were visibly rolling off the Siren as smoke was encircling Exterminatus from the hits. Fang stomped down on the Siren’s right knee this time. Faust again tried to fire, but the heat was causing the signature to flicker and the particle coils were starting to fuse. Fang spoke again as he walked Exterminatus forward and put all the mechs weight on his opponents hip next. Armor audibly screeched as it buckled under the stress and bent inwards to pinch and sever the underlying myomer musculature.

“You should have known this was coming. No one attacks my family. No one.” Faust began to scream obscenities over the external speakers, then suddenly began to beg mercy as Fang walked his mech up and raised the huge foot once more. He brought it slowly down over the cockpit and leaned forward, seeming to relish the dying mans screams of terror and pain. The sound was cut short as Exterminatus crunched down, grinding its foot with an air of finality into the ruined head of the broken Siren. The crowd had grown strangely quiet at this unexpected turn of events as most previous duels involving Stonkin pilots avoided killing opposing pilots if possible.
1st announcer, whispering “ Did you see that….”
2nd announcer, also whispering” I think I just wet myself.”

The Blackfoot design is another forgotten hold over from Ground Zero’s vaults. The original design consisted of long rang fire power in the right arm Particle Cannon and the torso mounted long range missile launcher followed up by short range finality in the left arm AC/20 and the torso quad of medium lasers. With 17 tons of standard armor and 20 heatsinks, there was not much that could stop a Blackfoot short. The Exodus removed their sole customer for the machine and the Succession Wars ensured that production would stop for good.
While there were no production variants on the books for the design, John “Fang” Stonkin created one specifically to duel with in the murderous short ranges of the Solaris Arenas. The single heatsinks were changed out for double, and the number dropped to ten. The PPC was replaced with a large pulse laser and the LRM launcher swapped for dual SRM6 racks. With the gains in weight, Stonkin was able to mount jump jets and create a virtual short range mech mutilating machine.
There are still about a half dozen Blackfoot mechs in service with the Stonkin Mechs Inc mercenary units at this time. No other House or unit appear to possess any of the machines, and it seems that the good General took only a limited amount with him into exile. It appears the Clans make no use of the design, original or updated.
One by one, the rabbits are stealing my sanity.....

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05/26/08 09:37 AM

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Since you referenced the Arena... have you throught towards the units preformance in the 2.5 or 5 second dueling rules?

heat sinks do their standard reduction, and movement and weapon heat is quadrupled (2.5 Second) or Doubled (5 second), jumping heat occours mainly in the first turn of jumps (a full distance jump would take 2 - 4 turns depending on the time scale)

Autocannon20 - Fires once every 7.5 Seconds (2.5 Second fire turn + Delay of 2)
Medium Laser - Fires once every 5 Seconds (2.5 Second fire turn + Delay of 1)
PPC - Fires once every 10 Seconds (2.5 Second fire turn + Delay of 3)
LRM15 - Fires once every 7.5 Seconds (2.5 Second fire turn + Delay of 2)
Christopher Robin Perkins

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