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11/09/10 11:42 PM

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"History favors the victor" - unknown.
20th Century

Whoever said that wasn't wrong... but things were different then. Wars were fought and won on the red blood of nations. Today, the battlefield bleeds a different color - green. No war is won or lost solely on the power of it's host nations - instead wars are won and lost on the blood, sweat and tears of some of the best men and women to ever set foot on a battlefield - Mercenaries. The fine soldiers fight not for varied and different ideals, but the same small handful, regardless of their origins. They fight for money. They fight for fame. They fight for standing. The best among them, though, fight for the fight. Which will you be?

Anastasius Focht
War: Heartbeat of the Sphere

The Staff of Battletech: Mercenaries is happy to announce the start of our first open beta. To connect, we recommend the use of either a standard MUD client (TF on linux/unix/mac, gmud32 zmud mushClient on windows) or one of the two graphical clients (HUDs) available (XPertMUD or THUD). THUD is probably the quickest to set up, just go to and click the "launch graphical client" link. Either way you'll have to point your client to:

port 2950

Once you get to the login prompt, you can create your player with the following command:


create "Player Name" password

Be sure to make a note of your full player name, and password. You're going to need it, you'll be back.

Once you connect, the first thing you're going to want to do is get an alias. You can set yours by typing the following command:


@alias me=pn

You should try to keep your alias to a few characters, here I chose pn because it's short for my player name, which is conveniently, Player Name. You can now connect at the login prompt with the following command:


connect pn password

where pn is the alias you set above.

Once you've logged in, just take your time to read the prompts and interact with everything. If this is your first time on a MUX, you might want to check the help command. Any time you get stuck, feel free to type pub message to talk to the other players logged in. They'll be more than willing to help walk you through the basics and get you playing in no time.

Now, for those of you who have played a BTMUX before: Sit down, buckle up, and get ready for the ride of your life! This isn't your daddy's BTMUX. Sure, he had large scale interactive real-time combined-arms warfare, but he didn't have a fully automated RealSpace mission system, featuring both PVE- and PVP-style combat. MercsMUX is nothing like you remember...

Raids on an enemy base now feel like raids on an enemy base. Should you destroy the turrets outright, or try to flank them and disable their control systems? Recon patrols are no longer the boring chores of old - you never know when you might encounter an enemy while out on patrol. Will your choice of units, a Panther rather than a Firefly, perhaps, affect your ability to complete your contract? Is the extra million c-bills for completely destroying that lance of mechs worth the loss of standing with the Draconis Combine's agents - the very people you might be looking to for your next contract? With the limited space on your dropship should you salvage the heavily damaged Thug or the pair of near-mint-condition Centurions? Can you negotiate a better contract with another mercenary unit, or perhaps even start your own? Will you gain enough fame to be a major player in the Inner Sphere? Will you have the skill required to survive and make it as a mercenary? Grab a friend, join us, and find out!

-The Staff of MercsMUX
11/09/10 11:43 PM

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What is MercsMUX?
Battletech: Mercenaries is a new MUX, initially set on the planet Galatea. Players either join, or form their own, mercenary units, which hire their services out to the various factions, including the Great Houses and other political entities. Success builds your unit's standing, fame and wealth; failure isn't an option.

MercsMux owes much to its many BTMU* predecessors, but also features multiple new systems that completely change the nature of online Battletech gameplay. Highlights include:

- Fully automated RealSpace mission system, featuring both PVE-
and PVP-style combat

- Flexible team creation system, which allows players to create their
own units, hire and fire pilots, and negotiate individualized

- Customizable 'Mechs and other combat units

- Dynamic character advancement system and economy, in which players
(individually) and units (collectively) progress along multiple

- Substantially expanded skill usage, which opens multiple character
generation options - want better mission payouts? Be prepared to
negotiate; salvage an enemy unit and want to use it yourself? Better
find someone who can decrypt the pass-codes; want to customize your
'Mech? Make sure your squad includes someone who can tinker with the

- Active story-arcs, in which player actions determine the outcomes and
impact the game's evolving timeline
11/09/10 11:43 PM

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