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When his first attack roll with an LRM15 from that Crusader destroyed a Ryoken deep in the jungle, Abe grew hooked on the game that brought heavy metal to a smart sci-fi universe that realistically portrays humanity in the future with all of the foibles of today.

The Danger of Being Cool

Thunder. Lightning. The way you love me is frightening.

The other day I was playing with a Lightning Attack Hovercraft on my side in a battle in MegaMekNET.  Since that campaign is set in 3025, having a LosTech hovercraft with medium pulse lasers was something I wanted to protect if I could.  Plus you have those two one-shot SRMs.  I was rushing past a target and I had a chance to fire the right-facing SRM at a distant heavy unit that had moved towards me.  I needed a 9 to hit.  I got lucky, and hit the target, which was taking damage elsewhere as well, and did some good with the weapon.  But I was really tempted to hold off on the SRM4 and hope for a better shot against a better target.  Holding off for the cool play.

Have you ever noticed a tendency to play BattleTech for the cool play, rather than the smart one?

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The First Slate of Changes at MegaMekNet is Complete


Many Operations Await

As mentioned in a previous post, the online server for playing people online via MegaMek called MegaMekNet had instituted a new set of changes to shake things up.  The longest running server online, MMNet has decided to place the decisions for the latest cycle into the hands of the players.  Each faction elects a person to represent them on the stage, and then they suggest and vote on various rules changes that are fully player-suggested and supported.

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My Penance

So Much Better Than I Realized!

I have never been much of a fan of vehicles in BattleTech.  I grew up in an era when a combat vehicle was considered way too fragile for serious battle.  Maybe they had valuable tactical usages, keeping battles in certain places or whatnot, but they were not really something that made the cut anywhere.

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The Ultimate Technical Readout

The Same Thing Again!

Technical Readouts have defined BattleTech virtually as long as there has been a game.  They help to shape the era, the conflicts, and the people.  They give us units that we will use to face each other in battle.  In particular, the BattleMech has defined the game, and that unit tends to really be a major component of the Technical Readout (TRO).  What if there was an Ultimate Technical Readout?  It would have ‘Mechs from every era, state, and more.

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Your Favorite IS BattleMechs from 3060

The Technical Readout:  3060 shipped and like always I headed to my local gaming store to purchase my copy very soon after.  I still remember looking over those units for the first time, and finding some that really stuck with me.  Today I want to look at my four favorite BattleMechs from 3060, and then hear from you about your own.

What do you like in a BattleMech?  What makes it work?  Everyone’s playgroup will be different.  I get that.  If you run into a lot of missile boats, then an Anti-Missile System has an enhanced value to you.  I’m not a fan of it normally.  If you run into a lot of ECM warfare, then electrical enhancements, like Artemis IV are just dead weight in a lot of situations.  So what do I like in a BattleMech?  Let’s take a look and see!

And the Vikings Roll

Viking – Let’s go ahead and start with my favorite BattleMech from the Technical Readout, shall we?  My friend, the 90 ton assault class Viking, a combination ComStar and Free Rasalhague Republic force.  This is a great missile boat for your army – it sports two LRM20s, and two LRM15s as well – launching a full 70 missiles down field each round.  With Artemis IV fire support, it can really blow out an enemy unit. It has a largely redundant quartet of machine guns and a pair of small lasers as close range stuff in case someone gets a little too big for their britches and tries to close.  Avoiding the problems that can come with an XL engine, particularly in a unit with so many ammo critical slots (threatening an explosion that would shut down the ‘Mech), the Viking even has a strong amount of armor for those that want to return fire – a full 15.5 tons.  It’s one of the best missile boats ever made, and it will not just exploit open areas on units, but it peppers armor itself!

The Eagle has Landed (Literally)!

Eagle When playing I’ve found the Eagle to be a strong and reliable design in a few major roles.  5/8/5 movement is very respectable for a light ‘Mech, because you can always jump to get +3 to be hit if you need it, or else you can just walk +2 or run +3, so you have options to make it harder to hit you than it is to hit others.  That’s what you want.  In addition to that, we have an ER Large Laser to give the unit a long range bite, and an ER Medium to back it up.  You can leap around, finding the right spot to fire off a few lasers.  And then don’t forget that is has max armor as well.  I like to use it as anything from a traditional scouting role to a flanking force that pushes heavier units or even a supplement to a long-range position where it can head out quickly to deal with anybody who comes close.  That’s a good BattleMech, right?  And then it has TAG as well, so you can paint stuff for future damage from other units in the right lance.  I often don’t even bother.  It has enough weaponry, range, armor, and movement to suffice for a 25 ton guy, and when you need it, TAG comes a-calling!

Wizards and Mages, Oh My!

Shugenja – I’ve never a super big fan of XL engines.  They work in the right circumstances and for the perfect unit, but otherwise, I prefer a unit with survivability.  Particularly when it’s low on armor or tends to explode.  That’s why the Shugenja is a strong choice.  It’s a larger unit that uses the XL engine to give it enough room for a solid allotment of long range of weaponry – that ER PPC plus the pair of Large Lasers – all energy weapons that don’t rely on ammo – and a strong MRM 30 launcher to fill in a medium range role and to ward off any smaller units from getting too comfortable.  Meanwhile the heavy BattleMech sports 13 tons of ferro armor, so it has pretty good protection.  It addition, it has the valuable C3 Master unit, so it provides two roles.  It’s a good long-range ‘Mech that can sit back and snipe at folks, while also providing the Master for a C3 equipped lance.  That combination, along with the strong armor it affords, is a powerful combination for your unit.  I use them a lot, and have gotten great results.

Blake and Marik, BFF!

Buccaneer – I don’t generally like an XL Engine on a unit that wants to close.  It’s prone to getting hit overly much.  And the Buccaneer definitely wants to close, so it can connect with its medium and short range weaponry.  Other than the ER Large Laser, it doesn’t include any long range weapons.  Now you can rock a quartet of Medium Lasers, a random Medium Pulse Laser, and an SRM 6 (with Artemis) for short range fun, and that’s in addition to the hatchet that forces you to close, and gives you a good reason to do so!  Don’t forget that unit has great armor – 10 tons of ferro on a 55 ton ‘Mech is virtually maxed out.  And the weapons load doesn’t require more heat sinks.  Your base 10 [20] can deal with the heat from all five lasers, and your SRM 6 (You make just over 20 heat with your movement as well).  So the unit works from all of those angles.  But what XL engine gives you is an unusual way to use it.  You have a crazy 6/9 movement.  That lets you stab in there quickly from way outside of its normal range to hit quickly and powerfully.  You can run 8 or 9 hexes, close with a BattleMech, and then carve into it with your weapons.  You have the potential for a strong hit and fade tactic if you want, or you can stay and fight for a few turns, with the flexibility that battle requires.  I’ve found myself using it in a variety of roles. But my favorite is to snipe with the XL Laser and position my ‘Mech to make a running and basing attack on the flank or rear of a unit and then just devastate it.  This thing puts the fear of Blake into you.

So there are my four favorite Inner Sphere BattleMechs from 3060.  What are yours?

Tanks a Lot


Ah yes, the combat vehicle.  It’s downright prolific in the Inner Sphere (and the Periphery even more so)! We have lots of things telling us that your basic combat vehicle has a lot of value on the battlefield. But let’s set aside the fluff for a moment and talk about what your experience has really been with tanks and other vehicles.

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