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The First Slate of Changes at MegaMekNet is Complete


Many Operations Await

As mentioned in a previous post, the online server for playing people online via MegaMek called MegaMekNet had instituted a new set of changes to shake things up.  The longest running server online, MMNet has decided to place the decisions for the latest cycle into the hands of the players.  Each faction elects a person to represent them on the stage, and then they suggest and vote on various rules changes that are fully player-suggested and supported.

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Future Possibilities for Tabletop BattleTech

The game Golem Arcana being played out

Pondering tactical possibilities.

I am lucky to count myself part of an active and ongoing BattleTech gaming group. While we have a great time stomping about in our ‘Mechs, trying to complete campaign objectives, by necessity we are stuck playing only a single battle per meeting. Each battle, ranging from lance on lance all the way up to company vs company sized battles can take a daunting amount of time, with our average lance + support units vs star/multi lanced size opponents taking anywhere from four or more hours to complete. Many times we simply run out of time, and make judgment calls as to the results of the battles.

This has lead me to wonder, is there a better way? Being a technology junkie, I’ve often thought as to how to leverage technology to remove the tedium of classic BattleTech game play.

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New Releases for MegaMek, MekHQ and MegaMekLab

On Sunday, December 14, all three in house products were released for MegaMek, MekHQ and MegaMekLab.  These three development releases are timed together in order that users of the different programs can use them simultaneously.

If you are feeling a little bored today, and want to play some BattleTech, then just check out the free java-based MegaMek and it’s suite of programs.  The additions to MegaMek 0.39.4 handle some bugs, as well as improve images and other miscellanea.  All told, there are around 20 changes to the software.  MegaMek is a free java-based program that simulates playing BattleTech against the AI or real folks, and can be used to host games online.

Meanwhile, the full list of changes for MekHQ reveals a number of bugs squashed.  It can be used to track campaigns and manage your unit, and works with MegaMek as well.  Meanwhile, the MegaMekLab predominately enables it to communicate with the others.  Feel free to build your best stuff and play it against folks in MegaMek.

Download all three and get that Mek on!

New MegaMek and MegaMekLab Releases

On Saturday, September 27, two new development releases were announced for MegaMek and MegaMekLab.

A full list of the changes for MegaMek 0.39.2 can be found here:

The list of additions includes strengthening the AI “bot” that you can play against, as well as adding rules such as strafing and a variety of bug fixes.  All told, there are more than 50 changes to the game.  MegaMek is a free java-based program that simulates playing BattleTech against the AI or real folks, and can be used to host games online.

Meanwhile, MegaMekLab was updated to work with the new MegaMek development release.  You can build units with save-files that are compatible with MegaMek and try them out against friend and foe alike.

So download either or both, and get your Mek on!

MegaMek Announces Map Editor


Playing BattleTech since 2750

On Saturday, August 2, developers for MegaMek released a preliminary version of a map editor feature for MegaMek.  This will allow players to edit their maps prior to playing, so that they can play on a map they modified.  This highly anticipated feature is in the earliest, debugging stages.

MegaMek is a great way to play the BattleTech game online with some friends.  You just have to have a device that runs Java, and download the free client.  There are numerous programs that run with it to create campaigns, online worlds, and more.  Check out MegaMek and give it a spin.

New MegaMekLab Release

On July 4, the developers announced a new release of MegaMekLab version 0.1.29.  While the new version does not squash a lot of bugs (just 5) it has been altered to work better with the latest stable version of MegaMek.

MegaMekLab is a java-based freeware program that allows you to build various units, such as BattleMechs, Infantry and Vehicles, and those can be transferred to MegaMek. Add your favorite designs to the latest stable version of MegaMek. And get your Mek on!

MekWars: Dominion Begins New Cycle

MekWars Dominion LogoOn Sunday, June 8, the Dominion server of MekWars launched its 3rd Cycle.  This is essentially a reboot of the campaign which is often accompanied by some rules tweaks to shape the new campaign differently.  Dominion is set during the 2750 time period of the Star League.  Players can play as actual units in that era, ally with various factions, and then fight using the MegaMek client.

In order to play, or find out more, just head on over to their main website and download the client.  You only require the one program, it has everything else.  Just extract it and you are good to go!

When the Cycle begins anew is a great time to join the campaign.  Since it’s fresh again for everyone, you are all starting at the same level.  MekWars is an online Java-based program that runs a campaign for various players and controls the units you have, repairs, cost, and more.  It matches people to play against each other, and then they play using MegaMek.  Factions vie against each other, and the results of battles impact the ongoing campaign. So check it out.