100th Raven Battle (Clan Snow Raven)

Clan Snow Raven Insignia.png
100th Raven Battle Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Nickname None
Parent Formation Gamma Garrison Galaxy


The First Raven Regulars were a second line Cluster stationed on Brim in 3061.[1] They were renamed the 100th Raven Battle Cluster prior to 3067 when their Galaxy Commander upgraded the cluster to front line status.[2][3] The Cluster was still stationed on Brim in 3067.[4]

By 3085 the Cluster had moved to Dante.[5]

In 3145 the Cluster was stationed on Inner End after participating in the planet's capture from the Federated Suns in July 3144. The Cluster lost roughly fifteen percent of it's full strength in this action.[6][7]


Between 3061 and 3067 the Commanding Officer was Star Colonel Ruth Howell.[2][4] The Cluster was commanded by Star Colonel Mandy Rodriguez in 3085.[5] In 3145 the commanding officer was Star Colonel Hector Vewas.[7]




First Raven Regulars - Veteran/Fanatical[2]


100th Raven Battle Cluster - Veteran/Fanatical[4]

  • 3 OmniMech Trinaries
  • 1 Elemental Trinary
  • 1 OmniFighter Trinary


100th Raven Battle Cluster - Veteran/Fanatical[5]


100th Raven Battle Cluster - Veteran/Fanatical[7]

Game Rules[edit]

First Raven Regulars

When rolling for random 'Mech assignment the controlling player may roll two 'Mechs in each Star on the Front Line table.[8]


  • Uses Front-line organization prior to 3060.


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