1114th Gatekeeper (Clan Star Adder)

Clan Star Adder.jpg
1114th Gatekeeper
Unit Profile (as of 3059)
Nickname None
Parent Formation Tau Provisional Galaxy
Formed 3050s


The newly formed unit consists of former Burrock warriors who did not test well enough for second-line service. Their equipment is salvaged materiel from battles of Albion and Priori. In 3059 the unit was part of the shared defence of the Tanite-systems and probe sometimes the defence readiness of the Cobras. In every engagement the Gatekeepers lost.[1]


As of 3059 the commanding officer was Star Colonel Anatole Taglieri.[1]


Composition History[edit]


1114 Gatekeeper (3 Binaries/Veteran/Questionable)[1]

  • CO: Star Colonel Anatole Taglieri


Game Rules[edit]

If the warriors must cooperate with other units the Initiative receive a -2 and they could also get a berserker rage when outnumbered 3-2. [2]


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