11th Lyran Guards

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11th Lyran Guards
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Nickname St. George's Regiment
Parent Formation Lyran Guards

Unit Description[edit]

The 11th Lyran Guards is a Combat formation original centered around a BattleMech Regiment. The unit expand with it becoming part of the Federated Commonwealth into Multi-Regimental Combat formation known as a RCT.


Succession Wars Era[edit]

Early Succession Wars[edit]

The unit gained its regimental nickname "St. George's Regiment" for its heroic actions against the Draconis Combine during the 2nd Succession War.[1]

In 2932 the 11th were involved in the bitter fighting over the world of Kimball II, which had already changed hands repeatedly between the Lyran Commonwealth and the Draconis Combine. In one notable engagement Hauptmann Lisa Morgan, a Wolverine pilot from the 11th commanding a recon company, downed a much heavier BattleMaster 'Mech belonging to the 10th Rasalhague Regulars during a hazardous night mission. A battalion of the 10th Rasalhague Regulars had managed to ambush the 11th's recon forces and looked set to encircle the lighter Lyran forces in a tightening cordon, but when Morgan's crippled Wolverine killed the enemy pilot the sudden loss of the assault 'Mech threw the Regulars into disarray, allowing the 11th's recon elements to escape - taking the fallen BattleMaster as salvage. Hauptmann Morgan was later awarded the BattleMaster as a replacement for her Wolverine.[2]

At the end of the 3rd Succession War, the unit was stationed on Wyatt on the Free Worlds League border. The 11th Lyran Guards and the 17th Arcturan Guards successfully defended the planet against Wolf's Dragoons Beta and Delta regiments in 3016, which were employed by the Free Worlds League at that time. During the battle the Lyran Guards shot down the Overlord-class DropShip Sendalor along with an entire battalion of Beta regiment when the Dragoons tried to evacuate the planet. [3]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

In October 3028 Wyatt was targeted by the Free Worlds League Military as a part of Operation DAGGER, the offensive planned by Captain-General Janos Marik to seize valuable industrial worlds in the Federation of Skye. Wyatt was a particular target of DAGGER because of the presence of the 11th Lyran Guards and Seventeenth Arcturan Guards; while the 5th Regulan Hussars and 25th Marik Militia jumped into the Wyatt system intent on destroying both regiments, other FWLM regiments were capturing the Milton and Phecda systems in an effort to isolate the Lyran forces.[4]

Unfortunately for the two League regiments, the two Lyran regiments had been forewarned of the attack. The Hussars arrived at a pirate point allowing them to make an immediate drop on the surface of the planet, while the Militia appeared at the zenith jump point - only to find the 11th Lyran Guards waiting at the jump point, with the 'Mechs embarked on transports and aerospace fighters patrolling. Before the Militia could launch fighters the 11th's aerospace fighters began strafing attacks, with pairs of Chippewas and Lucifers each launching a single attack before withdrawing. The cumulative damage destroyed two Unions and a Leopard; worse still for the Militia, one of the DropShips was transporting a battalion command staff, and when it was destroyed, not only were those staff killed, but the DropShip then exploded, damaging a number of neighboring DropShips as they separated from their Invader-class JumpShip. With the Militia forces frantically trying to form up, the 11th retrieved its fighters and jumped out to the Alchiba system, while the Arcturan Guards jumped for Cor Caroli.[4] Although the plan to destroy the two Lyran regiments was unsuccessful, the League did capture Wyatt.[5] The information actually came from a mole in the League intelligence service.[6]

The Clan Invasion to the FedCom Civil War[edit]

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The 11th was moved to garrison Callison at the end of the War of 3039.[7] and remained posted there[8][9] until September 3057 when they withdrew in the face of a FWLM force composed of the 4th Free Worlds Legionnaires, 1st Free Worlds Guards and the Silver Hawk Irregulars' Falcons unit during the first wave of Operation Guerrero.[10]

The 11th Lyran Guards participated in the defense of Coventry, forming the Lyran contribution of the multi-national Coventry Relief Force.[11] In 3059 they would be chosen to participate as task force of Inner Sphere combat units fighting under the banner of the 2nd Star League. They later contributed to the destruction of Clan Smoke Jaguar as part of Task Force Serpent.[12][13] They took heavy casualties (at least 50% or more) on the Smoke Jaguar homeworld Huntress in the Kerensky Cluster in 3060.[14] Survivors of the 11th Lyran Guards would later join the 1st Royal BattleMech Regiment in 3061.[15]

The Dark Age Era[edit]

Operation Hammerfall and Clan Wolf invasion of the Commonwealth[edit]

The Guards were part of the chosen military forces selected to invasion of the former Free Worlds League in the 3137 code named Operation Hammerfall. They would be key holding Tamarind, until in 3142 the 11th Guard fought in the Fourth Battle of Tamarind. Where they faced the 1st Tamarind Regulars and ultimately loose control of of the planet to Duchy's forces.[16] The Guards would try redeem their lost of holding Duchy's capital world in undertaking mission of aiding Lyran forces caught behind Clan Wolf's growing occupation of both League and Lyran Commonwealth worlds. While undertaking this mission, they would conduct search and destroy missions, destroying any Wolf units they may find. In the process give themselves the nickname "Wolf Hammers". The unit would by 3145 be stationed on Lancaster, where they would be waiting opportunity to claim isolated worlds in the now contested space between the Commonwealth and Wolf Empire.[17]

In 3140 they faced elements of Delta Galaxy and allowed other Lyran units to fall back to friendly lines.[18] They fared less well in 3145 in a raid against the Wolf Empire on Smolnik. Elements of the Eleventh were destroyed by a Binary from the 88th Wolf Battle Cluster.[19]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Lyran Regulars

Leutnant-ColonelLeutnant Colonel

Sharon Byres.[20] In 3050 she would get promoted to the command of Marshal. Serving during transitional periods between the FedCom to Lyran Alliance she would be come a pro-Katrina officer who commanded the RCT during the Coventry campaign and as part of Task Force Serpent. 3025

Leutnant-ColonelLeutnant Colonel

Justin Verona.[21] 3145

Composition History[edit]


11th Lyran Guards (Elite/Reliable)[20]
CO: Leutnant-ColonelLeutnant Colonel Sharon Byres


11th Lyran Guards (Elite/Reliable)[7]


11th Lyran Guards RCT (Elite/Reliable)[8]

  • CO: Marshal Sharon Bryan


11th Lyran Guards RCT (Elite/Reliable) [9]

  • CO: Marshal Sharon Bryan [9]


11th Lyran Guards' (Elite/Reliable)
CO: Leutnant-ColonelLeutnant Colonel Justin Verona[22]

17th Lancaster Guards' (Regular/Reliable)
CO: ColonelColonel Paula Clark

2nd Home Guard Brigade (Green/Reliable)
CO: ColonelColonel Howard Parker.[23]


  • Their homeworld during the 31st Century was Wyatt. The 11th Lyran Guards were posted to Callison in the Skye March in 3050 and were presumably among the units dispatched to Sudeten during the Clan Invasion. By 3145, the unit would be stationed on Lancaster.
  • Galen Cox's cover identity of Jerrard Cranston's first posting was in the 11th Lyran Guards. [24]
  • After Operation Serpent on Huntress, the 11th Lyran Guards were not mentioned in canon again. It was unclear the unit was destroyed, only information which was noted from Twilight of the Clans sourcebook and the Novels from series about their exploits from 3058-3060. The unit would not be listed in further sourcebooks from FedCom Civil War (sourcebook) and Field Manual: Updates. The unit's resurrection in the Dark Age has not been detailed as of this writing.


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