11th Wolf Chasseurs (Clan Wolf)

11th Wolf Chasseurs
Unit Profile (as of 3057)
Parent Formation Omega Galaxy
Disbanded 3057


The Eleventh Wolf Chasseurs entered the Inner Sphere with Omega Galaxy after the second wave of Operation Revival.[1] With the rest of the Galaxy they were stationed well within the Wolf Occupation Zone as a mobile reserve to be moved to trouble-spots as necessary. In 3054 the cluster was split between Engadin and Ferleiten.[2] This mobility was one of the reasons Ulric Kerensky chose the Cluster to accompany Phelan Kell into exile.[3][4]

The Eleventh survived the Refusal War but was ultimately disbanded in December 3057 as it was quickly cannibalised of warriors and equipment to rebuild the remnant of of the shattered front-line clusters that managed to escape the Falcons, yet even these storied Clusters were renamed as the rebuilding progressed.[5][6]



Composition History[edit]


Eleventh Wolf Chasseurs [2]


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