11th Wolf Guards (Clan Wolf)

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Unit Profile (as of 3052)
Nickname The lighning pack
Parent Formation Delta Galaxy[1]
Formed 2823[2]


The Eleventh Wolf Guards was a Cluster in the Clan Wolf Touman. They fought in the Widowmaker Absorption, facing the First Spinner Cluster and Fifth Provisional Garrison Cluster outside Spiderholm on Roche. This assault was to capture the Widowmaker's saKhan. They faced heavy losses, and during a strategic retreat a lone Star of the Eleventh smashed through the Clan Widowmaker defenses. This forced the Widowmaker units to withdraw but the saKhan wasn't found.[3] A few days later they faced the First Spinner Cluster again, and faced near-certain destruction. However the 3rd Scorpion Cuirassiers, led by Loremaster Ethan Moreau and Khan Cyrus Elam of Clan Goliath Scorpion, reinforced the Eleventh and provided enough time for the Eleventh to regroup. The combined Scorpion-Wolf force then destroyed the Widowmaker unit, ending the Trial of Absorption.[4]

They later participated in Operation Revival. In 3049 they invaded Oberon VI and destroyed the First Oberon Guards completely.[5] This fight also gave the Wolves insight into how the Inner Sphere would fight.[6] The command element then neutralized Skelvik.[7] Moved to Leoben, where they faced significant guerrilla resistance they were unprepared for.[8] In August of 3050 elements of the Eleventh assaulted Hohenems and quickly took the world. At the same time, the remainder of the unit attacked Kufstein and took that world after seven days of fighting.[9]

They later invaded Radstadt with the Red Keshik and the rest of Delta Galaxy. They faced the heavy 'Mechs of the 4th Drakons early in the fighting and were stopped by the Free Rasalhague Republic unit. Supporting Elemental forces were able to get behind the Rasalhague defenders and caused them to withdraw. They continued towards Radstat's capital, surviving several ambushes by the defenders.[10] The Eleventh managed to skirt the Fourth's flanks and won the battle.[11]

In November 3051 the Eleventh landed on Vorarlburg and quickly took the planet from the world's defenders.[12] Four months later they invaded Carse. They grounded on the southern continent, which allowed the 2nd Freemen to identify the Clan units. The Second Freemen faced the Wolves and fought well, but ultimately had to withdraw.[13]


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On Tukayyid, the Eleventh fought the 278th Division.[14]


In 2833 the unit was commanded by Star Colonel Ma Carns.[2]

Star Colonel John Ward commanded the unit in 3052.[15]


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Game Rules[edit]

During the Widowmaker Absorption, the Eleventh's light and medium 'Mechs could be chosen from the appropriate RAT. They rolled normally for heavy 'Mechs, but cannot deploy assault class 'Mechs. In addition, each pilot (PC or NPC) in the Eleventh has one point of Edge they can use to re-roll a piloting skill roll or weapon attack roll. This roll can only happen once per game.[2]


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