125th Deadman Ordnance Carriers

125th Deadman Ordnance Carriers
Unit Profile (as of 3039)
Nickname unknown
Parent Formation unknown
Formed unknown

The Hundred and Twenty-fifth Deadman Ordnance Carriers was a penal combat support unit of the Capellan Confederation.


The Free Worlds League first started using the J-27 as a penal option to support its military; a practice has been emulated by most other Houses. One such unit was the Hundred and Twenty-fifth Deadman Ordnance Carriers that became the most famous penal unit in the Inner Sphere.

During fighting on New Hessen the unit supplied over a thousand times their own weight in ammunition to keep the Capellan defensive position supplied. At one point some of its convoys came under attack from a pair of Davion ’Mechs. Rather than retreat, the convicts removed some of the missiles their J-27s were carrying and made makeshift firing positions, eventually forcing the Davion 'Mechs to withdraw after a few hours of combat. For this action the crews were given pardons and promotions to other units, although some elected to stay on.[1][2]


Captain "Jumpin’ Jake" Jackson III was the commander of the 125th Deadman. Known for striking any man that salutes him or treats him like an officer. A private prior to the Battle for New Hessen he was promoted first to Lieutenant and then to Captain for his bold and daring actions during it.[1] Despite his murder conviction being quashed and his dislike of officers he elected to stay with his unit after New Hessen.[2]


As a rear echelon unit their tactics are improvised as required.

Composition History[edit]

The unit is composed entirely of J-27 Ordnance Transports. Its strength is unknown, but as the commander is a Captain it is possibly at company size.


The first edition printing of Technical Readout: 3025 records the Battle of New Hessen in 2080, however this is at odds with the introduction date of the J-27, which is 2650. It also lists the name of the unit as Deadmen.[1]


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