12th Marik Militia

12th Marik Militia[1]
Unit Profile (as of 2864)
Nickname The Bootstrappers[1]
Parent Formation Marik Militia

The Twelfth Marik Militia were one of the many Marik Militia to fall during the early Succession War era.


While all the Marik Malitia effectively acted as cadre units for the Free Worlds League Military, the Twelfth Marik Militia was the only one that officially served as a training unit. To this end, only the First Battalion's command company and the COs of all other companies were veteran officers, the remaining troops all recent academy graduates who served two years in the Twelfth before transfer to another Marik Militia regiment or other more prestigious units. [1]

During the twilight years of the Star League the Twelfth were stationed on San Nicolas near the Free Worlds League's Anti-spinward border with the Periphery.[1]

Immediately prior to the First Succession War the Twelfth Marik Militia were transfered to garrison Maxwell in the League's Abbey District, the green unit would survive that hellish conflict but would lose almost half their number in the process.[2] Rebuilding in the lull between the First and Second Succession Wars, as of 2830 the then-overstrength Twelfth were transferred to assist the Sixth Regulan Hussars defend the Lyran Commonwealth-border world of Cerillos. Cerillos's location would ensure both units would see heavy combat during the Second Succession War, with the Twelfth Marik Militia destroyed while the Sixth Hussars just barely survived to end of the war in 2864.[3]

Composition History[edit]


Regiment - Green/Reliable[1]


Medium Regiment (100% strength) - Green/Reliable[2]


Medium Regiment (53% strength) - Green/Reliable[2]


Medium Regiment (118% strength) - Green/Reliable[3]


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