181st Crimson Guards (Clan Blood Spirit)

181st Crimson Guards (Clan Blood Spirit).jpg
181st Crimson Guards
Unit Profile (as of 3072)
Nickname None
Parent Formation Beta Galaxy


The 181st Crimson Guards as part of Upsilon Provisional Galaxy assisted Omicron Galaxy in recapturing the Blood Spirit's enclave on Arcadia in 3066. [1]

Upsilon and the Guards moved to form part of the York garrison after the Adder's had manage to gain a foothold supporting the effort to drive them from the planet. They remained here until the Adder assault of 3072 when orbital bombardment wiped the Galaxy out, although the Guards managed to survive with heavy losses.[2]

The Guards were rebuilt and transferred to the newly reforming Beta Galaxy.


As of 3059 the Commanding Officer was Star Colonel Beverly Dumont[3], she was still in command in 3067 [4] although it is not known if she survived the assault on York. By 3084 the Cluster was commanded by Star Colonel Elisabeth Johns. [5]


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