195th Striker (Clan Steel Viper)

Clan Steel Viper.jpg
195th Striker Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3072)
Nickname The Black Mambas
Parent Formation Beta Galaxy
Disbanded 3072 (Destroyed)


Post Invasion[edit]

From January to March 3054, the 195th Striker was locked in a struggle for control of Persistence with Clan Jade Falcon's Fourth Talon Cluster.[1]

The 195th had landed with expectations of an easy victory, but the battle bogged down for three months, with neither side able to land a decisive blow. Finally, the commanders of both sides agreed to a personal duel to settle the fight, which Star Colonel Paul Thibaudeau of the 195th won.[1]

This campaign left a stain on the reputation of the 195th, which they tried to erase with a raid on Evciler in 3055. However, Galaxy Commander Jonathon Mercer died fighting the Seventh Falcon Regulars in this action, which led to a continuing feud between the 195th and the Seventh.[1]

War of Reaving[edit]

In 3072 Clan Coyote's Twenty-seventh Strike Cluster and the Forty-fourth Battle Cluster hit the Beta Galaxy positions on Londerholm and destroyed the 195th Striker in the fighting.[2]


As of 3054 to 3061 the commanding officer was Star Colonel Paul Thibaudeau.[3][4][1]


The Cluster fights with ferocity and is very experienced in small scale warfare, because the unit blocked many raids of other clans successfully.[1]

Composition History[edit]


195th Striker Cluster[4]

  • CO: Star Colonel Paul Thibaudeau
  • Cluster Command Star (1 OmniMech Star)
  • Trinary Alpha (3 OmniMech Stars) - Star Captain Josh
  • Trinary Bravo (3 OmniMech Stars) - Star Captain Franz
  • Trinary Charlie (1 OmniMech/Elemental Nova, 2 Elemental Stars) - Star Captain U'rkl
  • Trinary Delta (3 OmniMech Stars) - Star Captain Teg'ra
  • Trinary Echo (3 OmniFighter Stars) - Star Captain Keith


195th Striker Cluster (5 Trinaries/Veteran/Questionable)[1]

  • CO: Star Colonel Paul Thibaudeau



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