19th Striker (Clan Smoke Jaguar)

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19th Striker Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3060)
Nickname The Razor's Edge
Parent Formation Delta Galaxy
Formed Unknown

The 19th Striker Cluster was the flagship Cluster of the Smoke Jaguar's Delta Galaxy.[1] They bid to participate in nearly every Inner Sphere assault.


Operation Revival[edit]

The 19th Striker fought on the following worlds during the invasion of the Inner Sphere:

Wave One[edit]

  • Schwartz - The 19th Striker landed directly on top of the 9th Pesht Regulars, throwing both units into complete chaos. Only after Star Colonel Showers defeated Tai-sa Mark Graham did the fighting end.[1] In the meantime, most of the Ninth was able to withdraw.[2]

Wave Two[edit]

  • Nykvarm - although the defending Nykvarm Armoured Battalion fought a mobile campaign using their fast hovercraft to outdistance the Jaguar Assault 'Mechs the world fell swiftly and all but a few defenders survived the fighting. [3]

Wave Five[edit]

  • Asgard - The 19th, along with the 4th Jaguar Dragoons, faced off against the 3rd Benjamin Regulars. After suffering through bombardments by the Regular's artillery, the Nineteenth executed a forced march overnight to assault the Benjamin Regulars' position before their defences were in place. The Fourth Dragoons eventually broke the Regular's defences, and the DCMS unit withdrew under heavy fire from the Nineteenth.[1]
  • Luthien

Post Tukayyid[edit]

In 3058 the 19th unsuccessfully bid against the Third Jaguar Cavaliers for the right to attack Matamoras. This precluded their participation in the fighting.[4]

Operation Bulldog[edit]

Counter Attack[edit]

  • Matamoras - Here they encountered the 1st Free Worlds Guards and the 2nd Night Stalkers,[5] but were also frustrated by local civilian population's resistance and the two garrison regiments of local troops. Booby traps and attacks on 19th Striker's forces lead to its Star Colonel bringing her forces together, instead of leaving them spread apart on planet, only to meet its destruction at hands of the newly arrived Ryuken-yon who staged a night drop breaking the Clusters back.[6] Some of its warriors made the retreat off planet, however their escaping DropShips came under attack from Inner Sphere warships. The escorting Lola III-class destroyer Griffin was destroyed trying to protect them along with three dropships. [7]


At least one survivor, an inexperienced MechWarrior piloting a Stormcrow joined the Smoke Jaguar forces that retreated to Huntress. [8] In the subsequent reorganization of forces into provisional Clusters during the journey home, the Nineteenth was most likely disbanded.



The Cluster deploys an large number of Elementals within its ranks, many in mixed Supernovas, clearly placing emphasis on combined arms tactics. The Elite warriors excel at a broad range of missions.





  • Trinary Command (15 OmniMechs)
  • Trinary Battle - (15 OmniMechs)
  • Binary Elemental - (50 Elementals)
  • Supernova Assault - (15 OmniMechs, 75 Elementals)
  • Supernova Battle - (15 OmniMechs, 75 Elementals)
  • Supernova Striker - (15 OmniMechs, 75 Elementals)
  • Binary Air - (20 OmniFighters)



A roll of "7" on a RAT regardless of weight class results as a Timber Wolf.

When attacking the forces receives the Overrun Combat special ability. In addition warriors only suffer a +1 to-hit modifier for night attacks (instead of +2), as well as a -1 Piloting Skill target modifier when landing via combat drop. [13]


  • Their unit sign is an antique straight edged razor with a blooded edge.[14]
  • Star Colonel Thilla Showers bid to participate in nearly every assault on an Inner Sphere world, her desire for combat left the Cluster out of the fighting when the cutdown eliminated her.[1]


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