1st Arcadian Cuirassiers

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Arcadian Cuirassiers
First Arcadian Cuirassiers
Unit Profile (as of 2765)
Parent Formation Arcadian Cuirassiers
Formed 23rd Century


Early History[edit]

By the end of the Star League era the First Arcadian Cuirassiers could claim a history dating back more than four and a half centuries. The homeworld of the Arcadian Cuirassiers brigade, Demeter, was one of the founding worlds of the interstellar states that became known as the Chesterton Trade League[1] - and also as the Chesterton Trade Federation - one of the earliest states to form as the Terran Alliance began to weaken.[2] The Cuirassiers were Demeter's premiere combat formation and served until the Federated Suns captured Demeter from the Tikonov Grand Union, of which the Chesterton Trade League was a part.[1]

Demeter proved loyal to the Federated Suns, as did the Arcadian Cuirassiers, who as Demeter's premiere combat unit were incorporated into the Federated Peacekeeping Forces and the FPF's successor organization, the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns. Demeter's loyalty was rewarded with heavy investments in planetary infrastructure by the Federated Suns government, and the Cuirassiers also benefited from this investment; the Cuirassiers commonly received much of their equipment from the massive Lycomb-Davion IntroTech production facilities on Demeter throughout the existence of the brigade.[1]

Star League Era[edit]

The First was the only regiment within the Arcadian Cuirassiers that remained active following the issue of the Council Edict of 2650 by the Star League Council, an Edict that led to large numbers of units within the AFFS being deactivated.[1] The First remained a motivated, reliable regiment throughout the Star League era, and was joined on active service in 2755 when a sister regiment, the Second Arcadian Cuirassiers were reactivated.[1]

A major limitation on the First was that it lacked the ability to act as a mobile formation and proved ineffective when used outside the Chesterton Combat Region of the Federated Suns. The First Arcadian Cuirassiers suffered heavy casualties in the mid-2760s at the hands of pirates based out of an uninhabited system somewhere near Almach and New Hessen, and the poor performance of the First against the pirates led to an intensive training regime being launched for the regiment, focused on operating in hostile environments, but the Cuirassiers were still understrength in 2765 as they recovered from their combat losses.[1]


Colonel Mountbatten was in command of the First in 2765.[1]


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Composition History[edit]


First Arcadian Cuirassiers (Veteran/Reliable)[3]

- At this point in time the First was stationed on Demeter.[3]


First Arcadian Cuirassiers (Veteran/Reliable)[4]

- At this point in time the First was stationed on Galatia III


First Arcadian Cuirassiers (Veteran/Reliable)[4]

- At this point in time the First was stationed on Galatia III



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