1st Wolf Assault (Clan Wolf)

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1st Wolf Assault Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname The Inquisitors
Parent Formation Alpha Galaxy
Formed 3059
1st Wolf Cavalry Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3057)
Nickname The Inquisitors
Parent Formation Tau Galaxy
Formed c. 3053
Disbanded 3057


This unit was formerly the First Wolf Cavalry Cluster of Tau Galaxy, promoted to front-line status in the wake of the Refusal War, that ended in 3058, as the short lived First Wolf Cavalry Assault Cluster in the Jade Wolf forces. The Cluster was soon designated First Wolf Assault Cluster as Vladimir Ward reorganised the Wolf Touman.[1][2]


The First Wolf Cavalry Cluster was a second line formation that was raised by Ulric Kerensky after the Battle of Tukayyid and prior to the beginning of the Refusal War.[3][4] The cluster was formed exclusively of Warriors with Crusader beliefs. [4] The cluster formed the planetary garrison force of Biota in 3054.[3]

The Refusal War[edit]

The cluster was part of the force that assaulted the Clan Jade Falcon world of Zoetermeer in September 3057. On 17th October 3057 the First Wolf Cavalry Cluster dropped onto Evciler. They landed on the frozen southern continent and the polar magnetic field rendered their sensors useless. Blind the Cluster was ambushed in the Semore Chasm by the defending Seventh Falcon Regulars. Returning fire the Wolves fired at the ice covering the river on which the Falcons were standing creating holes which swallowed their 'Mechs granting the Cavalry a swift victory.[5]

As Tau Galaxy made its way to Wotan in December the First was one of the two Tau Clusters that was not disbanded to use its warriors to replace the losses in other Clusters. Instead it became part of the Wolf reserve forces under Ulric Kerensky.[6]

With the creation of the short lived Clan Jade Wolf the cluster was renamed the First Wolf Cavalry Assault Cluster, and under Star Colonel Giorgy Shaw formed part of Alpha Galaxy in January 3058.[2] By 3059 it had been renamed more simply the First Wolf Assault Cluster and was stationed on Altenmarkt.[7]

In 3067 the First Wolf Assault Cluster was stationed on Tamar.[8]


As of 3058[9] the commanding officer was Star Colonel Grigory Shaw,[7] who replaced Star Colonel Jiln Ch'in.[10]

In 3067 the First Wolf Assault was commanded by Star Colonel Ivan Kerensky.[8]

  • Star Captain Gilmour Sword commanded Charlie Trinary in 3058.[11]


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Composition History[edit]


First Wolf Cavalry Cluster [3][6]


First Wolf Cavalry Assault Cluster [9]

  • Command Star
  • Trinary Alpha - 3 BattleMech Stars
  • Trinary Bravo - 3 BattleMech Stars
  • Supernova Charlie - 1 OmniMech/Elemental Nova and 2 Stars of Elementals
  • Trinary Delta - 3 Fighter Stars


First Wolf Assault Cluster - Veteran/Fanatical [7]


First Wolf Assault Cluster - Elite/Fanatical [8]

  • 100% full strength




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