1st Gunzburg Armored Regiment

First Gunzburg Armored Regiment
Unit Profile (as of 3052)
Parent Formation KungsArmé


The First Gunzburg Armored Regiment was a part of the Rasalhague KungsArmé (Royal Rasalhague Army), the military of the short-lived Free Rasalhague Republic, and was a part of the RRA military forces assigned to the Radstadt Province of the Republic.[1] By 3050 the KungsArmé had thirty-two active armored regiments, and many received their baptism of fire in the Ronin War.[2]

By the time Clan Wolf arrived in the Gunzburg system in December 3051, command of the forces in the Radstadt Province of the Republic had passed to General Tor Miraborg,[1] having originally been the responsibility of Generalmajor Gunnar Mannerheim.[2] Stationed on Gunzburg when the Wolves arrived were the Gunzburg Eagles, a BattleMech regiment, the First and Second Gunzburg Mechanized Infantry Regiments and the First Gunzburg Armored Regiment.[1]

In the end, the First didn't end up battling Clan Wolf forces; as part of the internal politicking within Clan Wolf, Star Colonel Marcos Radick and Khan Natasha Kerensky engaged in a competitive bidding process that saw Kerensky ultimately bid just a single person to conquer Gunzburg - Phelan Kell. Kell was able to negotiate the surrender of Gunzburg with General Miraborg, and Gunzburg became a part of the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone.[1]




As a KungsArmé tank regiment the First was equipped primarily with Hunters and Manticores, but also with a number of Behemoths, Demolishers and Schrek PPC Carriers. The Behemoths, Demolishers and PPC Carriers were a legacy of the early history of the KungsArmé, where General Christian Månsdottir negotiated with Aldis Industries of Terra on an initial procurement of a modest number of tanks, and ended up receiving many of the best tanks at bargain prices - complete with engineering support - in exchange for allowing Aldis to analyze the performance of their latest models.[2]


  • As a conventional unit from a state that only existed for a small period of time, it is unlikely that any additional information on the First Gunzburg Armored Regiment will be forthcoming.



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