1st Gurkhas

First Gurkhas
Unit Profile (as of 3132)
Parent Formation Northwind Highlanders

The First Gurkha are an elite infantry unit that serves as part of the Northwind Highlanders Brigade. Among mercenary units, the First Gurkha are considered on par with DEST and MI6 and second only to the Wolf's Dragoons Seventh Kommando in their ability to conduct special operations.[1][2]


The First Gurkha derived their name from the Brigade of Gurkha to honor the original unit's fighting prowess.[2]

The unit formed part of the Northwind Highlander's contribution to Task Force Serpent, accompanying the fleet in the invasion of the Clan Smoke Jaguar world of Huntress.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the First Gurkhas
Lieutenant Colonel Michael McPhearson 3059[4]-3067[2]
Colonel Michael Griffin 3132


As elite special forces, the First Gurkha are used judiciously and only at the discretion of the senior Northwind regimental officer. They also have access to some of the finest equipment available, and by 3067 was fully incorporating Battle Armor.[2]

Composition History[edit]


First Gurkhas (Battalion)


First Gurkhas

  • 1st Company - Major Charles Ford - Command, Support and Recon Platoons.
  • 2nd Company - Captain Robert Shay - Command, Support and Recon Platoons.
  • 3rd Company - Captain Shirley Polk - Command, Support and Recon Jump Platoons.



First Gurkhas (Battalion/Elite/Reliable)

  • 6th Comp - Major Charles Ford
  • 7th Comp - Captain Robert Shay
  • 10th Comp - Captain Julie Stiles



First Gurkhas




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